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Adam Shefter Report is FALSE!

Make no mistake about it NFL fans; YOUR CITY IS NEXT IF SAN DIEGO LOSES THE CHARGERS!  If you don’t think the #NFL will use San Diego as bait for every other city who hasn’t built a new stadium, then I have some beach front property in AZ for you to invest in.

Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys

According to our inside sources, Adam Shefter’s report that the Chargers announcing relocation is a complete fabrication of the truth.  He even hedged his bets stating that nothing has been confirmed in his own report.  This is just another sad attempt by Big Tobacco… errr, the NFL to get a tax payer handout for the 32 member billionaires club.

Believe whoever you want but San Diego Sportswire is the only media outlet who has gotten it right the whole time!  Read our articles on the stadium for the past 10 years.  The rest of these fools are imposters and Adam Shefter is a short little chump who wears eye makeup.  You really think people talk to him at the NFL? Please!



So much for Mr. Footbawl!

Welp, this guy is gone finally.  Did a lot with a little but the team’s offensive play calling prior to this year was maddening.  Spanos gets most of the blame for LA and roster Bullshit.  I say stick with a Mike and get Mr. Smith out here… it’ll be easier on the players to get a coach with the same first name. 😉

Here’s a suggestion for Spanos: Just go

Dean Clown car

By Mark Zeigler at the SDUT: Repost because this is too good!

So now Dean Spanos says he’s closer to moving the Chargers to Los Angeles than staying in San Diego.

Here’s a one-finger, two-letter suggestion: Go.

Move. Do it. Dare you.

It’s all so predictable, the threats, the bullying, the crying wolf. We heard them at this time last year, as NFL owner meetings and ballot deadlines were approaching. We heard it earlier this month from national media, unidentified team “sources” whispering that the Chargers have never been closer to exercising their Jan. 15 option to join the Rams and Kroenke-world in L.A. Now Spanos lets it slip Sunday that “I’m waiting for the city of San Diego,” that if it somehow doesn’t act now, if it doesn’t cook up a plan that bleeds taxpayers of hundreds of millions of dollars for a new stadium so he can charge higher ticket prices and get even richer, if it doesn’t accede to his demands, he’s moving.

Scout’s honor. This time he means it.

So call his bluff. See if he’s really holding that pair of aces.

See if he’s really going to be the second team in a metropolis that hasn’t embraced the first. See if he’s really going to play for a few seasons in a 25,000-seat stadium and sacrifice all that ticket revenue. See if he’s really going to rent in someone else’s palace. See if he’s really going to cultivate a whole new fan base and sign new corporate sponsors and build a new training facility. See if one of the cheapest owners in the NFL is really going to pay the $550 million relocation fee? See if he’s really going to a place where he’ll have the third most popular NFL team (behind the Rams and Raiders) while competing for market share with two NBA, two Major League Baseball and two NHL franchises along with two major colleges.


Go. Move. Do it. Dare you.

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