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LA Chargers Employ Racist Twitter Trolls!


STAY CLASSY LOS ANGELES CHARGERS! It has been reported & documented that John & AG Spanos have hired several “Troll Banks” in Tijuana to try and sway public opinion in favor of the LA Chargers.  It worked for the GOP, why not the Chargers?

The #NFL is apparently okay with this since it has allowed the LA Chargers to antagonize its fan-base of 56 years and this is what they are paying for!  I doubt the @NFL even knows what this Dipshit Ownership Group is doing but I’m sure they will learn about it like they did with Ray Rice.  Shit is serious and not okay!

I give the Spanos lots of “Prick Points” on this endeavor!  “Prick Points” are mythical points you earn for being a complete and utter Douche-bag.  Not only did they hire truly pathetic and offensive #NFL trolls to attack San Diego fans on Twitter & Facebook; they doubled down and hired racists and antisemites!


It is one thing to troll your fans and try to sway public opinion, but the fact that the #NFL and #Twitter do not have their own police force regulating this “hate-speech” and “paid advertising without disclosure” is really alarming.


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“Good NFL Town” vs. “Bad NFL Town”


Easy Arash… “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

I’ll be honest… I used to like Arash Markazi’s reporting but he’s obviously pushing an NFL agenda with his reporting lately and it is just bad for journalism.  I do finance for a living and I crunch numbers.  So when paid hacks start tossing insults my city’s way without any research; I like to pull out the simplest of statistics…. especially for the slow ones.  If they work for the @NFL then they are probably slow which means we should just use really simple apples to apples numbers.  Let’s compare home attendance for Pittsburg and San Diego just for shits and giggles because Pittsburgh is such a grrrrreat football town grrrr and San Diego is just a bunch of fair weather beach-goers bro.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 5.20.05 PM

The numbers don’t lie.  Even though Steeltown has had a way better team more consistently and San Diego has had to deal with the shittiest owners in the league and banana-peal shenanigans year in and year out; San Diego has sent 1,238,837 more fans through the turnstiles than the 6 Time Champions Pittsburgh Steeler Franchise in the past 12 years.  I could go back further but that would be really embarrassing for the NFL and Pittsburgh and this says enough.  BTW – No offense Pittsburgh; I respect the heck out of you… well I did before I crunched these numbers… Jesus; your moves are weak! I take that back… you’re shitty, fair-weather fans. Your football street-cred is officially revoked.


To be honest, San Diego was pretty consistently awesome in supporting the San Diego Chargers despite the Spanos dysfunction.  They’ve insulted our icons(Seau, LT, Brees, etc.), they’ve refused to pay our best players or rookies(Harrison, Brees, Rivers, Bosa, Merrimen, etc.), and the Spanos Family refused the tax payer funded stadium we offered to build them in Mission Valley last year(2016) because they wanted it downtown.  If the rest of the country knew that the NFL ripped our team after we offered to build them a stadium in Mission Valley but Dean didn’t like the location; there would be national outrage.  The NFL has spent millions on keeping that quiet and trying to control the narrative.  I bet the NFL’s leash gets a lot shorter with Deano when the bean-counters start crunching numbers.

Unfortunately for the NFL, they chose the wrong fan-base to bad mouth.  San Diegans don’t like that shit.  If you’ve never been to San Diego listen up…  “Slow down, shut up, respect the locals, and leave quietly.”  It is that simple… Dean Spanos chose poorly and so did the NFL and now they are reaping the whirlwind of karma.  They could’ve left quietly but they chose to kick the fans while we were down.  You want to take a crack at our politicians; fine… but you insulted San Diego Fans @NFL… you insulted one of your oldest and most loyal fan bases.  Ya done fucked up! This is going to be a season-long dumpster fire the likes of which the league has never seen.


As you can see below; even the guy who was paid to throw San Diego under the bus doesn’t actually believe it.  The national media is fucking weak-sauce!  What happened to honest journalism?  Fuck you National Media Dicks!


The “LA” Chargers… A Bridge Too Far


Feb. 6, 2017 – “Before the election, ratings for NFL games had declined 12% year-over-year, according to analysts at MoffettNathanson. And for much of the season, every NFL primetime offering — on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays — was down by double digits.”

Aug. 20, 2017 – “There were 21,000-plus for the opener vs. Seattle and up to 5,000 of them were Seahawksfans. Witnesses were unsure how many Saints fans were at Sunday night’s hardly jam-packed Exhibition No. 2, but not enough.”

Aug. 20, 2017 – “Word is the Spanoses are upset with attendance. Don’t know why. If they did research — and they hadn’t just knee-jerked themselves out of town for a money grab — they would have known.”

Empty Stub Hub Center for Pre-Season 2017

Let’s start off by calling a Spade a Spade.  The people who run the NFL are not smart people.  Most of them are trust fund kids or come from old money which means they really have no fucking clue about actual society or how to run a successful business.  Do you ever wonder why these idiots make the worst football decisions?  They just aren’t smart. Yes, they have a lot of money from the expansion of a game created by their intelligent predecessors, but these fucktards have an uncanny ability to make the worst social and business decisions known to man.  You could not pay someone to come up with bad ideas that these guys just have in the wings waiting… every day of the week.


Now, let’s visit this whole “LA Chargers” thing. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  After a year where NFL RATINGS WERE DOWN BY DOUBLE DIGITS, these fucking morons decided to alienate an entire NFL market. The “LA Chargers” are dead to San Diego and were never alive in Los Angeles to begin with.  The Spanus family can buy all of the tattoos they want, but there is no real fan support for this team in LA.  There really isn’t and let’s dive in to that a bit more because these people are fucking scum.

The cheapest former HC in the NFL… Courtesy of The Spanus Clan in their “Fight for SD”! LOL

The Spanos family and the NFL hired PR firms who employ internet trolls and companies with fake Facebook accounts.  The NFL is either too stupid to realize that the Spanos family hired PR firms to alienate the San Diego fanbase or they consented.  Either way, the NFL looks really bad for allowing a 56 year old franchise to move and then allowing the owner’s sons to hire internet trolls to defend it.  All around, it is a terrible look for the league which many are saying is going to be a major tipping point for the NFL in the court of public opinion.  Government officials are reportedly getting wary of the NFL’s antics… after all, Senators and Congress Reps have hometown loyalties too.

That old adage of, Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” certainly applies here in my humble opinion.  The NFL failed; not once, not twice, but three previous times in LA.  It is a transplant city where people are about as loyal as your goldfish.  It is not a community to build around an NFL franchise and that is why all three franchises relocated out of that city.  These people really aren’t smart.  This is what happens when you get a bunch of people in a room together who have no clue how the NFL or society functions effectively.  It is astonishing to see the amount of hubris at work here, but this is the current fad.  Calgary’s Olympic Park salutes the resources the NFL and the Spanus family have dumped in to this effort!

  • NOTE TO ST. LOUIS – KARMA Bitches! The reason you didn’t get to finish the debt servicing on the new stadium you lured the Rams to St. Louis with 20 years ago is because of Karma, you team stealing hacks.  You should’ve gone after your original team(Cardinals) and maybe this wouldn’t have happened.  At least you got a Super Bowl Ring jerks. 

Now back to the idiots running this league…  Did any of these rich fuckers mention “the fans” when the idea of relocation came up? No, of course not.  These prissy rich kids couldn’t think their way out of a paper-bag let alone have empathetic thoughts about people in a different economic circle(You, me… aka Fans).  The only thing this league thinks about under current ownership & management is, money.  Cold, hard cash.

Charger Country was NUKED by the NFL… “For the Fans” apparently.

If the league was a true American pillar of society, the NFL would pay for its own stadiums and aid the communities with financing… as opposed to fleecing these cities which don’t even get the team named after them.  Should we ask the cities if they like getting ZERO RECOGNITION for putting up hundreds of millions in tax dollars?

  • Santa Clara 49ers… Nope
  • New Jersey Giants… Nope
  • New Jersey Jets… Nope
  • Arlington Cowboys… Nope
  • Carson City Chargers… Nope
  • Glendale Cardinals… Nope

So after your gutless politicians fall all over themselves to give all of your tax dollars to the NFL, you don’t even get the naming rights!? How is that American?  The NFL has become the modern day Big Tobacco.  We know the NFL is physically dangerous but now it is fiscally dangerous(Tax Dollars) and mentally dangerous(CTE).  The NFL is going to get what it deserves and is going to find out the hard way that you don’t mess with San Diegans.  There’s a reason San Diego is America’s Finest City and both the NFL and the country are going to see this on display until the Spanus family is forced to sell and the bolts are returned to San Diego.

  • Did ANYONE in the NFL front office think about the loss of the song, “San Diego Super Chargers”? No, of course they didn’t.  They’re fucking morons.  The NFL lost its best song but NFL owners don’t listen to music so I guess it isn’t a surprise.  I digress… 

In layman’s terms… this franchise move was a really bad fucking idea.  The Spanus family are a bunch of fucktards who alienated themselves in San Diego.  You must be a complete prick of a family when every other rich prick in this town hates you and mobilizes to crush your dreams & business.  Last year’s Joey Bosa contract issue was just a microcosm of what these assholes are really like… combine this type of genius with that think-tank of a front office called the NFL and you get results like 2 Game Suspensions for Wife Beaters, or 56 year old franchises moved without support, or team doctors trying to drag down the whole league’s medical staff because they won’t admit to SOP’s of doctors transporting controlled substances(prescriptions) across state lines(Illegal). These people are not smart, they make stupid fucking decisions that 10 year olds know how to avoid, and then they lie about it and tell everyone, “It’s all about the fans!”


Hey NFL and Spanus Family…. GO FUCK YOURSELVES! Your ratings are going to be worse than last year and it is going to be awesome watching this dumpster-fire all season!

Spanos Family
Spanus Cartel aka Rich Kids W/O a Clue!

NOTE: Yes, I know their name is Spanos… Sounds eerily like ANUS… Get it now?

So much for Mr. Footbawl!

Welp, this guy is gone finally.  Did a lot with a little but the team’s offensive play calling prior to this year was maddening.  Spanos gets most of the blame for LA and roster Bullshit.  I say stick with a Mike and get Mr. Smith out here… it’ll be easier on the players to get a coach with the same first name. 😉



America’s Finest city – Photo Credit http://www.realestatedronessd.com

FACT: Dean has been caught submitting false Golf Scores on his score card. That’s our owner!

Above is a sample of America’s Finest City.  We are the ONLY desirable American City that has offered the NFL an address within the city limits that the team actually plays in… and they scoffed at it and said, “No, we want a stadium in downtown!”

  • Foxborough Patriots
  • New Jersey Giants
  • New Jersey JETS
  • Santa Clara 49ers
  • Arlington Cowboys

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? New York’s stadium is not even in the same state and they’re giving San Diegans shit over a 3 mile difference.(You can still see downtown from an aerial shot… not that the country would know because the Chargers have been shitty for a long time and have been scrubbed from National Flex Games.

NFL AND SPANOS CLAN HEAR THIS – We love our Chargers but we hate your corrupt, ass-backwards, scheming ways.  You did more for a vote in Carson than you did here you fucking assholes! Don’t think we didn’t notice!

“TRYING TO BUILD A STADIUM FOR 15 YEARS” – Wait one fucking minute assholes!

Only the worst business people in the world would not be able to get a stadium done in fifteen years. Think about it; you’d have to be completely inept or just fucking stupid when it comes to financing, contracts, and logistics.  If you hired people to get shit done for a billion dollar enterprise and they came up with goose-eggs year in and year out; those mofo’s would not be around for year 4 because smart business people fire motherfuckers that can’t execute.  That is the only job of an owner… hire people to get shit done!  No championships or stadium in 15 years+ tells you all you need to know about this fucking  family of idiots.  They cannot get out of their own way.

And while we’re on it; The Spanos family and the NFL are fucking dubious for claiming 2006-2013(7 Years) as a period of time when they tried to build a stadium! Ever hear of the Great Recession that nearly bankrupted the ENTIRE WORLD? Nothing was built, while construction was halted across the nation and land tracks were left vacant all over the country while developers went belly up.  To claim this time period as actively trying to get a stadium built is about as legitimate as Dean’s golf score card.(Yes, the dude fucking cheats at golf.)


Look at how the team has been run since they fired the guy who turned it around for them(Marty Schottenheimer)… right in to the ground!  You expect these same people to be able to build a stadium?  Alex Spanos has dementia and he is the one who bought the Chargers with his fortune… Not Dean(Tommy Boy) or John(Can’t sign Bosa) Spanos!  If you want to blame his playoff losses on him vs. a kicker that AJ Smith drafted and single handedly cost us 3 playoff games; then you don’t know football… just like the Spanos family.  Marty took this POS franchise at the time and built an annual contender… The Spanos family fired him after a 14-2 season but they maintain the course on 7-9 coaches. WHAT THE FUCK YOU DIPSHITS!?

LEAVE SPANOS! WE DARE YOU! WE FUCKING DOUBLE DARE YOU! You will fail miserably in LA like you’ve failed at evrything else and will come crawling back to San Diego like you failed in Carson.  At that point you’ll take an El Cajon location and praise the fans for allowing the team back.(No offense El Cajon)

The 99 Year Lease: The NFL may not exist in 99 years once the public really starts to understand head trauma and how it kills 12 youth football players annually.   San Diegans are not stupid and soccer is the #1 sport in the world so why would we want to bend over backward to build a facility for a sport that won’t exist in 25 years let alone 99. Mark our words.


While most of the media down here stumps for a new stadium blindly with no background in financing, common sense, or details; good radio hosts/journalists like @DSmithShow @ScottandBR @Hardwina @KevinAcee are telling it like it is… The Spanos Family couldn’t have handled this worse, the NFL is flat out stupid for snubbing San Diegans like it has, and they will fall on their face in LA.  I have been wondering what they will do if/when the Bolts leave; I wonder if they do.

NOTE: We asked XTRA 1360’s Human Encyclopedia aka “Lego Hair” to name one good thing the Spanos family has done in the past 25 years and his answer was, “LaDainian Tomlinson”!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME STEVE HARTMAN? LT is your answer? The Spanos family had nothing to do with getting him here.  That was not their decision to draft him and then they played hardball with his contract.  When a decision on LT had to be made; it was because they allowed their dumbass monkey boy, AJ Smith to insult LT in the paper rather than sign him.  Dean had to come out and apologize for that shit.  That’s all you got Steve? Man, go back to LA because you don’t know shit about this town’s feelings anymore or relevant Chargers history to be commenting on this situation.  Seriously.


Or maybe it is because the NFL is a Billionaire’s club that should pay for their own shit and American’s are hip to this in 2016?

By all means leave the best Super Bowl City in America #NFL and lose an entire reegion of fans!  TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU!  We told you to get the fuck out or do it the San Diego way.  Clue in or fuck off because we are America’s Finest City and we don’t fucking need you!


Chargers ’09 body of work coming in to focus

Courtesy of Eye of The Beholder

I can’t really say that I am surprised by the outcome of the Chargers vs. Cowboys game.  The NFC East aka the “NFC Least” is consistently the most overrated division in football much like the SEC and Big 12 are in college football.  The sports pundits that dominate the airwaves reside on the east coast and are in bed by the time our afternoon games start.  I jest, but not really.  Who really cares about San Diego besides us and who would want to pay attention to us after we laid two back-to-back eggs on national TV?  Well, that was then and this is now.  The Chargers’ season is coming in to full view and like this picture… it is near perfect.

The Chargers are imposing their will on opposing teams and this is the best Chargers team I have ever seen.  Granted, I have not been around as long Nick Canepa but I’ve got a big enough sample size to know that loving San Diego sports goes hand in hand with heartbreak.  Whatever though, its not like we’re going to stop watching!  I digress…  Best Chargers team I have seen without a doubt.  The ’94 Super Bowl team was great and obviously had magic, but the Steelers were the best team in the AFC that year and actually had a defense that might have made that Super Bowl a good one.  We got lucky that year to get to the Super Bowl, but I think we all knew we had no chance against Young, Rice and those 49ers.  That 2007-08 Chargers team that went to the AFC Championship game was the second best team I’ve seen behind this one, but they were walking wounded after the Colts game and couldn’t perform miracles. (I can’t put the 12-4 or 14-2 Schottenheimer squads in because of the one and done playoff factors, but they were fun regular seasons to watch… I thought I should qualify those for you before moving on to this year’s team because someone will undoubtedly say something.)

This team is THE best Chargers team I’ve seen.  There is something different about this team and something different about this year.  The Chargers are playing great football and it is just fun to watch.  We have receivers that are like giants with hands of glue who either pick up 50 yard bombs or draw pass interference to put us on the goal line.  The TD Nosehound aka LT, #21, Future Hall of Famer, is healthy, happy, and looking like the LT of old in the Red Zone.  The make shift offensive line is performing incredibly and keeping P-RIV off his back so he can light up defenses.  Did I mention Blue Thunder?  You can’t have an offense as exciting and unpredictable as lightning without thunder and that’s why I’ve dubbed them Blue Thunder. They are hitting opposing players so hard it feels and sounds like thunder and they wear blue, hence the name.  It was also a sweet tv show when I was growing up… kind of a poorman’s Airwolf.  Anyway, the Chargers are awesome right now and I’m not worried about anyone left on the schedule and I wouldn’t be surprised if Indy got knocked off by New England and gave us homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.  Knock on wood!  GO BOLTS!