This is getting ridiculous!


Will someone PLEASE step in and buy the Padres?  Other teams know what John Moores’ situation is and they know the Pads need to unload Peavy’s deal of a salary.  There should be a law against this type of thing and the city should have Jan Goldsmith look in to this.  While the Padres are a privately owned business, they are benefitting directly from a public investment of $458,000,000.

The Padres have made terrible decisions that I personally would not have done if the Padres were my fantasy team.  Kahlil Green should have been traded after his 27HR/97 RBI season, Mark Prior was an obvious waste of $1,000,000, we all knew Jim Edmonds was a terrible decision and we payed him $6,000,000 for six weeks, and now we are trying to unload the heart and soul of the 21st Century Padres, which is the worst decision the club could make for numerous reasons.

With Jake Peavy and a healthy CY, the Padres should pencil in 32 wins for 2009.  Without Peavy, you can pencil in season ticket cancellations, pissed off fans, an extremely suspect pitching staff on top of a weak offense, and lots of empty seats.

So please, someone, anyone who cares about the Padres; please buy them!  The club has been devalued by at least $150,000,000 and should be a steal right now.

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