Chargers Chances… Slim to None


This picture sums up my feelings about our season so far!


Yay, throw a party!  We barely beat a 2-12 team, we’re 6-8, and we need a Christmas miracle just to keep our playoff hopes alive.  In order to have a one game playoff scenario to send the AFC champ to the playoffs, the Broncos must lose at home to Buffalo and the Chargers most go to Tampa Bay and beat a good NFC team in an eastern time zone.

In case you missed it yesterday, it was a dismal Sunday morning of fumbles and horrible referee decisions.  I was pissed off to see that it was the Bumbling Chargers that showed up and not the Prime Time Super Chargers and  I was among the many who had written the game off.

The Chargers just scored a seemingly garbage TD and missed a two point conversion to make the score less embarrassing at 21-16 with 1:13 left to play.  Fortunately I still had the game on and I was just waiting for 0:00 on the clock in order to really come to terms with this season and what could have been.  As I was milling around I heard the word “recovery”.  This meant nothing of course because this year the Chargers can seemingly screw anything up.

The Chargers scored a touchdown and we pulled ahead by one.  We failed on the two point conversion with 0:36 to play and we pooch kicked it.  This was plenty of time to make it interesting of course.  The Chiefs were able to get in range for a fifty yarder and it curved to the left at the last minute and gave San Diego a break for once this year.

Thanks goodness for Kansas City weather!


All in all, you didn’t miss anything.  It was a terrible game riddled with yellow handkerchiefs.

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