Philly Billy and Joe Tutino Axed! WHY?


XX 1090 fired radio talk show host, Philly Billy Werndl and Joe Tutino, the Director of Operations and Programming.   Details of the firings have not been disclosed, but lame attempts to blame it on the economy have surfaced in the wake of these actions.  I placed a phone call to XX 1090 and asked what the reasoning was, but he informed that this information was unavailable and that he did not even know why.

I think we all understand this economy is tough, but the way this whole thing has gone down seems very fishy.  While Philly Billy was a nightmare to listen to 90% of the time, he has been in sports forever and deserved a chance to at least say goodbye to the people in San Diego who did like him.  It has been reported that he was fired via FAX.  That sounds very Padres like and since John Moores has a vested interest in XX 1090, it would not surprise this writer if Sandy Alderson fired him after their last interview just because.


Joe “The Bulldog” Tutino was a good manager and a good radio host.  In case you do not remember, he was the guy most Padres fans vented to after 99 losses in 2008 and many more before that.  He hosted a show with The Coach and had a very sensible and tempered approach.

It is also very BUSH LEAGUE of 1090 to fire these two XX “family members” two weeks before Christmas!


San Diego Sportswire did some investigating and discovered this tidbit, which may shed some more light on the situation.


SAN DIEGO – In a cost cutting measure, XX 1090 has released Bill Werdel and Joe Tutino. Long considered staples within the 1090 organization, Werndel and Tutino became victims of their own salary demands.


The timing of these moves is not a coincidence. It has been learned that station owner John Lynch has more than just a broadcast contract with Padres owner John Moores. The two businessmen share not just a broadcast agreement between them, but also a symbiotic business relationship. It is focal to their branding of each other and in Lynch’s quest to stay latched to the Padres’ teet.


“Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Make no mistake about it. We are in the Padre broadcast business. It is out priority to keep it that way. As the Padres consolidate their expenses and payroll, so too we were forced to look at our roster and slash payroll as a symbolic gesture of support,” said Lynch.


This further explains why 90% of 1090’s programming is Padres oriented as well as why Sandy Alderson continued to be interviewed on the station despite his ongoing frustrations in that vein. When asked if there was a connection between Werdel’s release and his angst regarding the interviews, Alderson declined comment.


To fill the programming void left by these lineup moves, Lynch is considering different options. “The Corky’s Singers have always sustained a strong following with our listeners.”


“Like the Padres do with their talent, we also are exploring the possibility of locking them up long term at below market. It just makes good business sense. One idea in development is ‘The Corkys Singer’s Glee Hour and Infomerical’. We are very excited about this concept.”


Padres GM Kevin Towers and John Lynch Jr. could not be reached for comment.

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