A Padres Prediction

Josh and I went to high school together and were on JV baseball together.  We used eat seeds and play baseball trivia on the bench.  Before the year started I emailed him to give him some props on the moves they were making.  I really felt like we were improving on our team which finished with one of the best records of the second half last year.

Hey Josh,

Nice work you guys!  I love bringing in Jerry Hairston and LOVE the Kooz for Hairston deal!
Kooz drove me nuts with his non-hitting until August routine not to mention his RISP avg.  Jon Garland is sweet and I hope Petco allows him to repeat his world series year #’s.  I really like our make-up this year and I think we’re a sleeper team.  Is Prior still on our wishlist payroll?  I hope that guy gets right… he was awesome!

Anyway man, keep up the good work!  I have been waiting several years for some level headed moves like these.

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