Did You Know Vincent Jackson is Smart?

Before Vincent Jackson’s pre-playoff detainment, I read this article on ESPN about how smart Vincent Jackson is… er WAS!  I must admit that I was surprised given the fact he’s gotten two DUI’s since he’s been here.  Smart people don’t usually get two DUI’s!  If you have two DUI’s and think you’re smart, don’t rethink it b/c your brain is obviously not working properly.

“QUOTE – Jackson was a second-round pick of the Chargers in 2005, beating the odds for someone who did not attract many FBS scholarship offers. As a youth, Jackson seemed to win as many accolades for his brains as he did for his brawn.

He’s the only child of Terrence and Sherry Jackson. They were a nomadic military family. Described by his mom as a “math geek,” Jackson has a creative edge: He once won a national poetry contest in Germany.

In 1993, the family moved outside of Colorado Springs, Colo. Jackson played football at Widefield High, where he earned a 4.3 GPA and graduated fourth in his class of almost 400. Widefield primarily ran the ball; as a result, no major schools recruited Jackson for football. He was interested in Columbia University and the Colorado School of Mines, mostly for academic reasons, before the University of Northern Colorado began recruiting him.

Alcorn State head football coach Earnest Collins was the special-teams coach at Northern Colorado at the time.

“His high school coach kept telling me, ‘I have this young man who is the Randy Moss of Colorado Springs,'” Collins says. “I watched his highlight tape and said, ‘Holy cow! Why isn’t anyone else recruiting this kid?'”

Collins attended one of Jackson’s basketball games and was sold. Jackson accepted a part-academic, part-athletic scholarship to Northern Colorado, located in Greeley, Colo.

“I was thinking I’m here for school first,” Jackson says. “You hear so much as a kid that it’s one in a million making the NFL, and it’s what people should tell kids. But when it’s pounded in your head, it’s tough to think, ‘I’m going to have a pro future.” – UNQUOTE”

I don’t think we should get rid of VJAX, but the Chargers should get him a handler to keep him in check and drive him around since he obviously can’t take care of himself responsibly.  Who has two DUI’s and drives with expired tags and blaring music loud enough to attract attention to those expired tags.  I’m no criminal master-mind, but if you are rolling illegally or doing something illegal, DON’T ATTRACT ATTENTION TO YOURSELF FOOL!

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