0-7 Against the Fins since 1995


Unless the Chargers step their game up and get serious about this week, we are in for another loss if history is any kind of indicator.  The Dolphins are 0-2 and will be coming out here to try and repeat history… AGAIN.  We have not beaten the Miami Dolphins since the 1994-95 playoffs en route to the Super Bowl.

To say this team has our number is an understatement… this team owns us.  The Chargers need to do more than prepare this week.  They need to come out angry and put Chad Pennington and the Wildcat offense in the hurt locker early and often.  Our #1 draft picks over the past two years need to contribute to this defense now.

Let’s up that home field advantage counts for something this time!


1995-1996 – Nov 5 MIA – LOSS 14-24

1999-2000 – Dec 19 @ MIA – LOSS 9-12

2000-2001 – Nov 12 MIA – LOSS 7-17

2002-2003 – Nov 24 @ MIA – LOSS 3-30

2003-2004 – Oct 27 MIA – LOSS 10-26

2005-2006 – Dec 11 MIA – LOSS 21-23

2008-2009 – Oct 5 @ MIA – LOSS 10-17

2009-2010 – N/A

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