The Chargers 2009


You may or may not have noticed but we were on a break at SDSW.  The Padres sucked again so we took the summer off.  Football is back and so are we!

While we originally loved the Chargers’ 2009 draft, we are now very skeptical after having seen how thin and poor our offensive line is.  Our #1 draft pick had 1 tackle and looks as if he does not factor in to the Chargers main game plan… much like Buster “The Biggest Bust Since Leaf” Davis.  What’s worse is that our undrafted wide receivers are better than he is and he can’t even crack the starting line-up in a spread formation.  Our 3rd round pick Louis Vasquez went out injured in the 3rd quarter along with Nick Hardwick and our only two back-up offensive linemen are now starting.  We waived 4th round Gartrell Johnson and he is now a G-Man after an impressive pre-season.  Our #1 pick was meant to bolster our defense, but our D looked pretty porous and our secondary looked below average at best as another TE torched us for huge plays just like last season.

It is too early to tell in 2009, but the Chargers top draft picks over the past 3 years are about to face a lot of scrutiny if they don’t step their game up.  Its looking like we better spend our first 3 draft picks on offensive linemen in 2010 if we want to keep our $63 Million Dollar Man healthy and off the turf because our line is woefully below average.

Stop drafting players from LSU!  In this writer’s opinion we should spend our top picks on D or O linemen as they continually prove that they are the only ones who can come to the pro’s and contribute immediately.  With that being said, let’s hope we can go beat a good team this weekend with our glaring injuries to our O-Line and LT.

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