Thoughts From The Fans!


Schwartzfella – “Let management feel the pain. They lied when we funded Petco so now make the liars bleed until they have a competitive payroll. Anyone who buys a ticket prolongs the crime on the San Diego taxpayer. When they see no fans at the game and minimum radio+ television ratings they will change direction. The 12 new owners need to smell the stench at Petco.”

SDinTX – “I hated when we re-signed Giles as a “power hitter.” The only thing he “allegedly” hits well, is a person wearing a skirt. This guy looks to take a walk every time at bat. A power hitter he is NOT. The Mendoza line has nothing on Giles. He’s fighting hard to get that name changed to his own. A giant waste of flesh. Also, Scott Hariston was quoted as saying he’s pleased with the team’s effort. Are you kidding me? 4 hits and pitching that would have little leaguers licking their chops for an at bat against the Pads. Puhlese Scott. Be happy with your 3 run dinger and good season YOU are having right now. Well with attendance like that, at least the cleaning crews can enjoy nights like these.”

mfraser2 – “To anyone who supported the new ballpark so the Padres could be “more competitive”––a question:
how does it feel to be reminded, year after year, what a sucker you are?”

rnphuff – “There are several things that need to happen for this team to do better. 90% of those revolve around firing Buddy Black. He is a *urine expletive* poor manager that shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a Low A team. other than that, there is a pitching problem. That is all that is holding this team back. They have the pieces. Bring up Venable to replace Wife Beater and you are set in the field. You can package Kooz and Brian together for a quality pitcher and put Headley on Third. Gerut Hairston and Venable is an outfield that would make any team cringe. The parts are there but with KT and his but puppet Black, there is really no hope for the team.”

JohnnyB09 – “Divine order has taken its place. I knew this was going to happen. Smallest crowd tonight? As BTO once sang “you ain’t seen nothing yet…””

Wizeguy – “Padres should change their name to the San Diego Titanics. They sunk just as fast as the ship did. Pathetic!”


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