10 In A Row!


The Padres won five in a row and the Padres tried to Jake Peavy.  Now the Padres have won ten in a row and this is the most excited fans have been in two years.  How will the Padres’ front office react?

Fans want more and I can guarantee you that!  Winning makes you greedy for more wins and hopefully the Padres will react appropriately.  Instead of subtracting from this club, we want to add on and take a run at the division and the future.  Is it too much to ask for an investment in this club?  Even if we don’t make the playoffs, we still want to watch exciting baseball and we still wouldn’t mind improving this club a bit.  IF we can maintain a .500ish record going in to the break, maybe we will get crazy and pull off a deal reminiscent of the Todd Walker one that put us over the top in 2006… while I jest about Todd Walker, I am serious about making acquisitions to improve this club.

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