Get a Rope!


We need to string up the Padres’ front office!  Trevor Hoffman was allowed by Padres’ management to sign with the Brewers today.  Trevor Hoffman is a San Diego Icon, a future hall of famer, and the current all time saves leader.  Trevor Hoffman was lights out in the second half of 2008 after having off season elbow surgery which could explain his early season struggles.  Mariano Rivera had similar struggles in ’07 and bounced back with the lowest ERA among closers in 2008.  There is no reason to think Trevor Hoffman will not have a great year in 2009 especially now that he has a gigantic chip on his shoulder.

Heath Bell will be the new closer in San Diego and he is an unproven commodity in this role.  The closer role is mentally draining and physically demanding.  In my opinion, more players get injured in this role than any other role and Trevor has proved his durability and consistency since 1996.

I hope Heath Bell can deliver the same results.  Only time well tell.

This is a sad day in San Diego history and the Padres’ front office should be ashamed for allowing him to sign with the Brewers of all teams.

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