Co-National Champions!


2008 was another year where The USC Trojans got denied a shot at the infamous BCS Title.  After this year’s “Title Game” it has become synonymous with words like “Paper Champions”, “Choke”, “Oklahoma Sucks”, “Ohio State Sucks”, and “East Coast Championship”.

This was another year in which the “BCS formula” gave no weight to USC’s PAC-10 opponents because of some preseason notion that the Pacific Athletic Conference is inferior to the rest of the country.  Well, the PAC-10 went 5-0 in bowl games this year and now the BCS and most pundits have egg all over because the PAC-10 proved to be the best bowl competitors this year, thus boosting USC’s claim to a National Title.

The Trojans are the only championship team that showed up and looked like a dominant championship team in these BCS Bowl games.  In this writer’s opinion, the Big 12 and the Big 10 need to be banned from the BCS Bowl games until they learn how to stop choking in big games.  Year in and year out USC gets snubbed from the BCS Title Game based on some “strength of schedule formula” that has not been made public for independent analysis or scrutiny.  Instead, it is touted as some complex double helix DNA code that no one could understand.  Maybe this is the year fans and government officials have had enough and finally decide to scrap this shitty system and do what is American…  institute a playoff system.

This writer will be voting for The USC Trojans at #1!

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