There’s one thing I hate more than being lied to!


Wrong Assholes who don’t admit that they are wrong!


Even more than that, I hate jerks who are blatantly wrong(Alderson, Bush & Cheney) who try to make you feel stupid when you call them out for making HUGE mistakes!


Since Sandy has come to San Diego, we barely made it to the playoffs two years in a row and lost in the first round both times.  We let good players go that showed loyalty and heart because apparently those players wanted some type of job security for the next two or three years… BASTARDS!


In a day and age where owners can take their teams to other cities if they don’t get everything they want, players who used to play for SD and wanted to play in SD just want a resemblance of fair market value!


It’s not like Mike Cameron wanted to compare penis size with Alderson, he just wanted a fair deal!  We could have signed Fukodome for another $9 million, but apparently that is outrageous for a San Diego sized team!  YEAH FREAKING RIGHT!  We dropped $1Mil on Prior who will be lucky to start 10 games.  Jim Edmonds contract was $8Mil… We didn’t pay all of it, but that should be enough of an indicator to show that with some proper money management and organization, we could have a .350 hitter in Left, Right, or Center Field.




Baseball in San Diego is ruined for the summer of 2008 because we have some pompous assholes running the Padres organization when they couldn’t even make the playoffs in MY FATASY LEAGUE!




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