Wednesday, January 2, 2008


AJ Smith might not be thought of as the nicest guy in football but he sure knows how to put together a roster.  Every time I see this guy he looks pissed off.  Which gives our team even more street cred.  He also has awesome fashion sense.  He can usually be seen rocking the “white collar dress shirt look” with the French cuffs.

Here are some of his more notable accomplishments:

He signed UNDRAFTED free agents Antonio Gates, Kris Dielman and Kassim Osgood

who all have made trips to the Pro Bowl.

He drafted Antonio Cromartie, Nick Hardwick, Marcus McNeill, Shaun Phillips.

He pulled off the Eli manning deal that landed the Bolts Rivers, Merriman and Kaeding,
Most recently he pulled off the Chambers deal that may have saved our season.

Probably the best thing about Smith and further proof that people on TV don’t know what the fuck they are talking about is this year Keith Olberman named Smith to his “worst person in the world” list by saying how Smith had ruined one of the best franchises in recent history.

Only time will tell how the Schottenheimer firing will play out, but you got to love a guy with a giant pair running our team…and by giant pair I mean huge balls.

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