Chargers vs. Titans Blackout – LIFTED… DUH!

Chargers Blackout
Friday, January 4, 2008

NOTE:  The game will be televised live on KFMB Channel 8 at 1:30 p.m.

Where do I begin with this?

You’d have to be a total moron to think that the NFL would blackout a home-playoff game in the hosting city… hence the extension until 1:30PM today.  I dare the NFL to Blackout a playoff game!  Most likely, they would start a riot and severely impact future ticket sales for one the NFL’s most exciting teams.  The negatives always outweigh the positives in not televising good football and even the corporate goons at the NFL front office know this.

Games = Marketing & Advertising = $$$$$

If you blackout a game, then you can’t charge as much for the marketing & advertising.  The NFL is not in the business of producing football games to get less than full value for their market so they try to scare us(the fans) in to shouldering their ticket quota, so they can charge millions more for ad time.

This morning, the NFL was threatening to blackout our home-playoff game because there were 350 tickets that still needed to be sold.  Let’s assume every ticket was $150(Overestimate).

$150 x 350(tickets) = $52,500


PLEASE!  They get $50K as a down payment for one of the 500 crappy commercials that air during the game.  That amount of money is chump-change to the NFL, but they get to charge the advertisers a LOT more for their crappy commercials when the game is sold out.  So for the extra $52,500 that San Diegans coughed up, the NFL gets to market a “Sold Out” game to advertisers and make millions more than they would’ve otherwise.

If the NFL had enforced the BLACKOUT, they would’ve lost far more than $52,500 for 350 measly tickets.  So the next time you hear about a Chargers – Blackout, just remember that it is not in their best interest to do so and corporate America will always do what is best for their bottom line!  We’re not 1-14 anymore and this is not a regular season game against one of the leagues worst teams.

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