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What the Fuck is the Chargers’ Deal?

Earth to AJ… 2-3 Starts for 4 straight years under Norv and no Super Bowl Appearances!  This is not an “I want Marty back article”, but I would like to ask if this was the right coaching selection several years ago.  We can’t beat anyone in the playoffs besides the Colts it seems.  That would have been a nice bird in the hand last year had we won a divisional playoff game that we never should have lost.  Marty Shottenheimer was cut loose because his players melted down and cost themselves a victory in the same fashion as Norv’s players did last year.  The difference between Norv and Marty is accountability.  Marty had it, Norv doesn’t.  AJ Smith obviously doesn’t care about accountability or views it as an optional requirement.

On the topic of accountability, I’d like to ask about our drafts and our teams.  Where are our 1st rounders?  Why is Ryan Mathews not playing?  Why are players that continue to fumble in crucial situations getting more and more opportunities?

WHY DID THE CHARGERS NOT RUN THE BALL 3 TIMES AND KICK A FIELD GOAL?  Norv is a ratard!  Yeah, the guy maybe a genius, but he has no clue how to manage a clock and finish games!  I guess that’s why Rivers has to drive down the field with 55 seconds left to win every game.

Norv is frustrating!  Tolerating mediocrity after firing an excellent coach is hubris.  AJ’s expertise peaked after a lucky draft… now, he looks like a tired commodity that can be outdone with his numerous draft “reaches” and a number of 1st round picks that are not panning out.