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Looking more like Smith will join Turner out the door

Looking more like Smith will join Turner out the door | SignOnSanDiego.com.

I’ve been in San Diego my whole life.  I’ve never seen outrage like this directed towards any of the sports franchises.  If AJ didn’t act like such a pompous prick at every opportunity, he would have plenty of job security… or at least enough for another year.  San Diego is not tough to figure out… Be cool, relax, get your shit done, enjoy; wash, rinse, repeat!  People in San Diego just don’t like nor want to deal with Pricks.  We strive for excellence and happiness!  I’m sure you Boston pricks are laughing because you could give a shit about being happy or having warm fuzzy feelings… that’s what living in a hell hole does for your psyche; You do have Scoreboard though… and AGON!

I digress… AJ, don’t let the door hit you in the ass!

Bumbling Bolts Lose 6 Straight!

How many times have you seen this image?  It is the perpetual image of unbelievable failure that is synonymous with the Chargers organization.

Nice work AJ.  You gave away Drew Brees, Michael Turner, Donnie Edwards, Junior Seau, Darren Sproles, Rodney Harrison, LT, and many more who often left and continued their Pro-Bowl ways or found ways to contribute to their teams(not the Chargers obviously).  That record has been played too many times though and yesterday was an indictment on AJ because Norv was so atrocious with his game and clock management.  Norv what the HELL was that shit at the end of the half with one timeout left?

Dude, seriously!  What was that shit?  Look, we know AJ boned you last year by not signing McNeil and VJax, but this brand of football is not of the professional variety Norv.  12 year olds have more game clock management skills because they play Madden.  Maybe Norv should play some video games and get some ideas.  Below is a picture of Norv explaining how he does not exactly know how to make the Time Out symbol.

Get rid of AJ and Norv please!  If you want to chime in and join the Fire Norv & AJ  bandwagon, please do so.