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Phil Simms weighed in on the Chargers during Scott & BR today

Listen to the Audio from Scott & BR on XX1090

If you’re not familiar with Scott & BR, they are on XX1090 from 5AM-9AM.  They’re fun to listen to but they also have great connections and get really interesting interviews on a regular basis from people like Jim Nance, Phil Simms, and Mark Schlereth.  They own a horse with Drew Brees and he’s on quite a bit because they are friends and are all part of the ownership group, “Great Friends”.  Anyways, this is a sweet interview from a national voice giving the Chargers their due and tempering his expectations because he realizes there are several tough games coming  up.  Cincinnati and Tennessee… both have two n’s back to back and we’re playing them back to back.  Weird.

Mayor, 2 supervisors discuss downtown site

Mayor Jerry Sanders

SAN DIEGO — San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders met privately with county Supervisors Dianne Jacob and Ron Roberts Monday to discuss building a downtown football stadium for the Chargers.

All three declined interviews through intermediaries after the Mayor’s Office sent an e-mail to the media about 6 p.m., 45 minutes after the session ended.

“The Chargers are a regional asset and helping them will require regional cooperation,” the e-mail said.

It ended: “This is the first of several meetings that we will have to discuss ideas for solving the significant challenges that lie ahead.”

The officials and some staff met for an hour in a conference room at the county building. They didn’t set a next meeting date, Roberts spokesman Tim McClain said.

McClain said Roberts “is interested in helping the Chargers stay in San Diego County. I can’t say that he’s interested in spending county resources. That’s not what was discussed. They met to discuss strategies.”

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Below are computer generated images of Downtown SD with a stadium.

Images Courtesy of The Scott & BR Show – XX Website

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

4 teams declined to sign Jon Runyan for the 2009 season as he had microfracture surgery on his knee after last season in February.  Even though Runyan was gearing up for a possible Congressional campaign, he kept himself in shape for an opportunity just like this.

“The 35-year-old free-agent offensive tackle, who had microfracture surgery on his right knee in February, was cleared for full contact Monday by Dr. James Andrews, the Birmingham, Ala., orthopedist who operated on him. “I can play,” Runyan said. Asked yesterday whether the Eagles had any interest in re-signing Runyan, an Eagles executive told the Daily News, “I wouldn’t rule it out, but right now, it’s unlikely.” Runyan said he is willing to wait for the right offer. “It has to be right,” he said. “Ultimately, the game is about making a bunch of money. If it’s not there now, at some point in the first couple months of the season I’m pretty sure it’s going to be there. It’s just a matter of mentally preparing yourself for that and keeping yourself ready to go.” Runyan and his family live in Mount Laurel, N.J., but he said he will play wherever the best opportunity – and offer – presents itself.”


Well, if you’re healthy Jon, I welcome you to San Diego and hope you can help our oft injured O-Line.  Here is Jon’s official statement, courtesy of Hugging Harold Reynolds.

Below is the official statement of Jon Runyan regarding his decision to sign with the San Diego Chargers for the remainder of the NFL season and its impact on his plans to seek the Republican nomination for the US House of Representatives in NJ’s 3rd Congressional District:

“Yesterday, I received an offer to pursue my professional dream of winning a Super Bowl, and have decided to sign with the San Diego Chargers for the remainder of this season through the playoffs. Win or lose, these will be my final games as an NFL player. Last night, I personally informed the Republican County Chairmen in NJ’s 3rd Congressional District that after the season is over I plan to officially retire from football and pursue a campaign for the United States Congress. I want to thank all of the people who have been encouraging me to run next year and let them know that I look forward to a successful end to my career on the field, and a spirited campaign against Congressman Adler in 2010.”