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Randy Moss Makes Sense in San Diego

I have heard numerous experts talk about why Randy Moss would not be a good fit in San Diego and I think they are wrong.  Several years ago, the Bolts were banged up at receiver and needed help.  AJ Smith brought in Tampa Bay wide receiver Keenan McCardell who was considered problematic and was holding out on the 2004 season.  The Chargers brought him in and he began producing immediately and was happy here for several years before he retired.

Fast forward to 2010.  The Chargers are severely depleted at WR and both #1 wideouts(Jackson & Floyd) will probably be out until week 11 after the bye.  Antonio Gates is a warrior and is playing, but hurting badly.  Philip Rivers is the best deep ball hurler in the NFL and I have no doubt that Randy would love to run deep routes and get involved with the #1 passing offense in the league.  Norv Turner has worked with Michael Irvin and would undoubtedly come up with some amazing Moss schemes to improve upon the offense.  SD fans may hate Norv, but apparently the players love him… this seems like a stark contrast to Chilly in Minnesota and could be a very good fit for the disgruntled wideout.

Our #84 is out on IR for the second time in four years.  His jersey is available and would fit Moss well here in San Diego.  Yeah, AJ is a fearsome GM, but he also likes football players and according to former and current teammates, that is exactly what he is.  AJ has shown that he is willing to make similar moves, so why all of the national negativity about Randy Moss coming to SD?

Why Are Chargers Fans So Angry?

Of the Chargers last 17 losses, the Chargers were either winning in the 2nd half of the 4th quarter or driving to win the game in 15 of those losses.  The two losses where we weren’t even close… Pittsburgh(the ’08 playoff game and the loss before our bye week last year).

You have to ask yourself, “If the Chargers miss the playoffs in 2010 what did they accomplish by not paying their players’ fair market value?”

A. Wasting one more year of Philip’s window.

B. A lost season.

C. Widening the rift between fans and the organization’s management.

D.  All of the above.

Thanks to Ben Higgins at XTRA 1360AM for coming up with this excruciating analysis.

Chrgers’ Onwership & Management is GARBAGE!

If you missed the game against the Rams, you are lucky.  The Chargers failed to make the trip to St. Louis and the coaching staff further proved their incompetence.  The Chargers came out and dominated the run early, yet after their first 1st down of the game, the Bolts decided to take the Rock out of Mathews hand and let Rivers get sacked 7 times while trying to throw to 2nd stringers because our primary receiving core is not getting paid or became injured in the first half.

“There are three keys that go into a championship. You have to be good, you have to be lucky and you have to be injury-free. We have a very good team.” – AJ Smith

According to that formula, the Chargers are 0-3

“It hurts,” Smith said. “It hurts when you don’t have your players. How are you going to win a championship without your left tackle and your wideout? I’m sick about it. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how anybody could be more upset about this than me.” – AJ Smith

Trust me, San Diego natives are more upset than you are AJ.  We would have payed both of our players without thinking twice!  You take our money and we expect you to spend it on our team, not tell our players that you’re going to piss on their heads and then try to call it rain.

The Chargers are 2-4 because of coaching and management.  We have a puppet head coach and a GM who thinks he’s bigger than the team and the city of San Diego.  It is utterly disgusting!

Good Luck with that Stadium!

What the Fuck is the Chargers’ Deal?

Earth to AJ… 2-3 Starts for 4 straight years under Norv and no Super Bowl Appearances!  This is not an “I want Marty back article”, but I would like to ask if this was the right coaching selection several years ago.  We can’t beat anyone in the playoffs besides the Colts it seems.  That would have been a nice bird in the hand last year had we won a divisional playoff game that we never should have lost.  Marty Shottenheimer was cut loose because his players melted down and cost themselves a victory in the same fashion as Norv’s players did last year.  The difference between Norv and Marty is accountability.  Marty had it, Norv doesn’t.  AJ Smith obviously doesn’t care about accountability or views it as an optional requirement.

On the topic of accountability, I’d like to ask about our drafts and our teams.  Where are our 1st rounders?  Why is Ryan Mathews not playing?  Why are players that continue to fumble in crucial situations getting more and more opportunities?

WHY DID THE CHARGERS NOT RUN THE BALL 3 TIMES AND KICK A FIELD GOAL?  Norv is a ratard!  Yeah, the guy maybe a genius, but he has no clue how to manage a clock and finish games!  I guess that’s why Rivers has to drive down the field with 55 seconds left to win every game.

Norv is frustrating!  Tolerating mediocrity after firing an excellent coach is hubris.  AJ’s expertise peaked after a lucky draft… now, he looks like a tired commodity that can be outdone with his numerous draft “reaches” and a number of 1st round picks that are not panning out.

Watch the Chargers on your computer!

UPDATE:  www.atdhe.net is WAY better!

Got this website www.channelsurfing.net to watch any of the NFL games.  No promises, but it should be on there.  If you can hook your computer up to HDMI, S-Video, or just plain video, you can connect your TV and watch on TV.  The content quality sucks, but at least you can waych it.


A New Stadium For SD? Not so fast!

What’s up fellow Chargers fans?!  With the Chargers ranked third in the NFL, 2nd in the AFC, and the best season in a couple years, we are undoubtedly going to face the “New Stadium” debate very soon.  While I absolutely want a new football stadium in America’s finest city, I must say that I am vehemently opposed to spending local tax dollars on the project.  I have pasted some excerpts from a 35pg study on the subject to give you an idea of why and linked you to a summary of the analysis.  From what I have found, this is consistent with reality as opposed to what the Chargers’ front man Mark Fabiani has been trying to sell SD.  I respect Fabiani and the chargers very much, but private companies need to pay for their own house just like the rest of us… unless they want to cut us in on a bigger piece of the pie such as ownership.

Unfortunately there is a Mt. Everest size pile of data on the subject and NONE of it is in favor of the local taxpayers.  In summary, it ends with us footing the bill for increased city services, higher ticket prices(You didn’t seriously think your season or individual tickets would cost less did you?), and “In general, the results of this study do not support a positive correlation between professional sports and job creation” (112).

There now exists almost twenty years of research on the economic impact of professional sports franchises and facilities on the local economy.  The results in this literature are strikingly consistent.  No matter what cities or geographical areas are examined, no matter what estimators are used, no matter what model specifications are used, and no matter what variables are used, articles published in peer-reviewed economics journals contain almost no evidence that professional sports franchises and facilities have a measurable economic impact on the economy.

Calls for subsidies at the local level come from interest groups and their consulting firms—which we call “promoters” of subsidization—who talk up local benefits of sports franchises, stadiums, and mega-events. As we shall see, promoters’ claims of such local benefits don’t hold up empirically. But such rationales can also be countered by simple economic intuition.  The prospect of a game being broadcast nationally or even internationally from the stadium or arena is touted as a wonderful advertisement of the city’s virtues. These benefits, which the teams cannot capture, are used to justify  a local government subsidy for the construction of the facility.

THANKS TO – Dennis Coates (Professor of Economics at University of Maryland, Baltimore County and President-Elect of the North American Association of Sports Economists) provides a nice survey of the academic literature on the economic impact of sports stadiums in The American.


PS:  On the same topic, SD spent $458,000,000 for the Padres franchise that promised to spend money on a “competitive team”.  Four years after we forked over the dough, the franchise slashed its payroll and John Moores sold his team for more than $500,000,000 after purchasing it for $84 million in 1994.  This will yield him over a 500% return on investment.

If the Chargers want to cut the taxpayers in on the ROI, then you have my vote!

Go Flex Yourself NFL!

What’s up Chargers fans?!  I hope you’re having a glorious day.  I’m super pumped for this battle between the 10-3 Chargers and the 9-4 Bengals, but I am a little confused as to why this game was not flexed to Sunday night.  We are literally talking about two of the best teams in the NFL going head to head in a game with serious playoff implications.  This game could potentially decide which of these two teams will have home field advantage and a bye in the playoffs.  As far as regular season games go, they don’t get much more important than this.  In case you’re wondering how the NFL determines “flexibility”, I found their guidelines on the NFL website and for the life of me cannot figure out why they are airing a 5-8 Carolina Panthers team vs. an 11-2 Vikings team that will probably bench most of their starters by half time if the game is in hand.  To make matters worse, the Panthers’ starting QB is an undrafted 2nd year player who is starting in place of Jake Delhomme because he has a broken finger.  REALLY NFL?  REALLY?  You’re making us watch that piece of crap instead of honoring your own guidelines(below)?

The NFL obviously does not like San Diego because we are a “small media market”.  Suck it NFL!  SD is one of the best this year and you’re going to have to deal with us in prime-time eventually.  I guess its up to the Chargers to win the whole fuckin’ thing so we can give the NFL and the networks a big fucking shit-burger to eat.

So enjoy the sunny afternoon match-up which is THE game of the week because the night game is a piece of shit!

ARE YOU JOKING???  Brett Favre is great and all, but C’MON MAN!

Flexible Scheduling

Allows teams to play their way onto the Sunday night schedule

Last season, the NFL implemented for the first time in its history a primetime “flexible scheduling” element on Sundays in Weeks 10-15 and in Week 17.

Flexible scheduling ensured quality matchups on Sunday night in those weeks and gave surprise teams a chance to play their way onto primetime.

The 2007 NFL schedule will again utilize flexible scheduling in Weeks 11-17. The NBC Sunday night time slot for “flex” weeks will list the game tentatively scheduled for Sunday night.

Only Sunday afternoon games are eligible to be moved to Sunday night, in which case the tentatively scheduled Sunday night game will be moved to an afternoon start time. Flexible scheduling will not be applied to games airing on Thursday, Saturday or Monday nights.

Just as the six major college football conferences have done for many years, the NFL will have the flexibility to move the start times of games on Sundays, using a 12-day notice format.

For example, a game scheduled for a Sunday could move from a 1:00 p.m. ET kickoff to an 8:15 p.m. start, but the change would be made and announced no later than the prior Tuesday, 12 days prior.

The NFL has commonly moved games between 1:00 p.m. ET and 4:15 p.m. ET on Sunday afternoons, and the NFL now employs flexible scheduling to include one of its primetime packages of games – on Sunday evenings.

Sunday afternoon games, as in the past, can still be moved between 1:00 and 4:05 or 4:15 p.m. ET.

In Week 17, in order to ensure a Sunday night game with playoff implications, the decision to move the start time may be made on six days notice.

NFL Flexible Scheduling 101

  • Begins Sunday of Week 11
  • In effect during Weeks 11-17
  • Only Sunday afternoon games are subject to being moved into the Sunday night window.
  • The game that has been tentatively scheduled for Sunday night during flex weeks will be listed at 8:15 p.m. ET.
  • The majority of games on Sundays will be listed at 1:00 p.m. ET during flex weeks except for games played in Pacific or Mountain Time zones which will be listed at 4:05 or 4:15 p.m. ET.
  • No impact on Thursday, Saturday or Monday night games.
  • The NFL will decide (after consultation with CBS, FOX, NBC) and announce as early as possible the game being played at 8:15 p.m. ET. The announcement will come no later than 12 days prior to the game. The NFL may also announce games moving to 4:05 p.m. ET and 4:15 p.m. ET.
  • Week 17 start time changes could be decided on 6 days notice to ensure a game with playoff implications.
  • The NBC Sunday night time slot in “flex” weeks will list the game that has been tentatively scheduled for Sunday night.
  • Fans and ticket holders must be aware that NFL games in flex weeks are subject to change 12 days in advance (6 days in Week 17) and should plan accordingly.
  • NFL schedules all games.
  • Teams will be informed as soon as they are no longer under consideration or eligible for a move to Sunday night.