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Chargers Previews are Coming In

If you missed this article by Deadspin, you should check it out because its pretty fucking hilarious and on point.  It outlines pretty well why the Bolts will not do anything in 2012 and I must say I agree.  If you get pissed off because I’m not ra ra on the Bolts its  because I live in the real world and know that the Dolts will replace our Chargers whenever we need them most under Norv.  It’s a pathetic display every year under Norv regardless of record.

Pro-Football Talk ranked the Chargers at 16 and here’s how they summed it up.  “We ranked the Chargers as a middle-of-the-pack team for 2012 because Turner has been on the job for five seasons, and San Diego’s final-year positioning has essentially gotten worse on an annual basis. Some of it has to do with bad luck. Most of it has to do with underachieving, and we’re not sold that the ’12 Chargers are good enough to push the envelope they’ve established in the AFC.”



Looking more like Smith will join Turner out the door

Looking more like Smith will join Turner out the door | SignOnSanDiego.com.

I’ve been in San Diego my whole life.  I’ve never seen outrage like this directed towards any of the sports franchises.  If AJ didn’t act like such a pompous prick at every opportunity, he would have plenty of job security… or at least enough for another year.  San Diego is not tough to figure out… Be cool, relax, get your shit done, enjoy; wash, rinse, repeat!  People in San Diego just don’t like nor want to deal with Pricks.  We strive for excellence and happiness!  I’m sure you Boston pricks are laughing because you could give a shit about being happy or having warm fuzzy feelings… that’s what living in a hell hole does for your psyche; You do have Scoreboard though… and AGON!

I digress… AJ, don’t let the door hit you in the ass!

PARIS: Time for Spanos to give Smith the boot

Great article Jay!  Thanks!

PARIS: Time for Spanos to give Smith the boot.

If Chargers president Dean Spanos fires coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith, might he try to lure former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher out of retirement? Associated Press file photo

Read more: http://www.nctimes.com/sports/columnists/paris/paris-time-for-spanos-to-give-smith-the-boot/article_59064dfc-11f1-530d-8262-2083ada8be1a.html#ixzz1fPSYMrJc

Raiders vs. Chargers…. I guess

Where do I begin?  No impact 1st rounders in 5 years.  Jerking star players around like its part of your job… then they throw games like Vjax did tonight!!!  Yeah, I said it.  Vincent Jackson purposely threw this game tonight against the raiders.  He pulled up on a 3rd and long early in the game which left the room asking why he slowed down and let the ball just fall like that.  I said then, “pull his ass that looks fuckin’ fishy”.   Fast forward to the 4th quarter and Vincent Jackson just lolly gagged it and let the Raiders intercept it.  SHADY!  The way AJ jerks his chain though, can you blame him?  He’s just tryin’ to get paid so he shows up for teams that he want to play for.  I digress…

Let’s move on to this current piece of shit, we call the Chargers.  Not so much the team, but the management.  I mean, there’s not too much to say about the team.  It sucks.  IT sucks because it is poorly coached.  Ever since Norv took over, they are clumsy bumbling dumb fucks until  they make a miraculous fucking comeback to win.  It’s rare the Chargers dominate anymore because its rare they show up and play four quarters of football.  I seriously get pissed when the Chargers choose to receive in the first half because they are NEVER good in the first half.  They really need to save receiving the kick until the 2nd half after they wake the fuck up.  If you don’t like the f bombs, go fuck yourself because this game was a piece of shit and every San Diegan knew we’d be here after we hired Norv… no offense Norv.  On that topic, yeah  I agree with Rex Ryan… he would have won in my opinion.  Hell, I think Drew Brees would have taken us there and probably did in an alternate universe where the GM knows his fuckin’ place.

This is just fucking frustrating.  We fired a hall of fame coach with a proven track record of success because he couldn’t win in the post season.  We all know this team had its chances much like Fouts’ Chargers of the 80’s.  This team missed its wondow and has been surpassed by teams like the Lions, the Buccaneers, and the fuckin’ Raiders… hell the Chiefs too.  We’ll be tied with the Broncos if they win this weekend.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.  The Chargers suck this year and are not fun to watch.  Just a bad product and you have to look at AJ Smith since he put these players around Philip Rivers.

Why Are Chargers Fans So Angry?

Of the Chargers last 17 losses, the Chargers were either winning in the 2nd half of the 4th quarter or driving to win the game in 15 of those losses.  The two losses where we weren’t even close… Pittsburgh(the ’08 playoff game and the loss before our bye week last year).

You have to ask yourself, “If the Chargers miss the playoffs in 2010 what did they accomplish by not paying their players’ fair market value?”

A. Wasting one more year of Philip’s window.

B. A lost season.

C. Widening the rift between fans and the organization’s management.

D.  All of the above.

Thanks to Ben Higgins at XTRA 1360AM for coming up with this excruciating analysis.