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Chargers have 14th Lowest Payroll?

Can someone tell me why we didn’t pay our players?

This is our Chargers owner:

“Officials say the hardest to handicap are athletes, because they are accustomed to competition and often have golf games that can improve dramatically with a week of intense play and practice.

This was the excuse given by nonathlete Dean Spanos of Stockton, Calif:, (the son of Alex Spanos, owner of the San Diego Chargers football team) when he won the Crosby for the second time in 1990, the same year he won the pro-am portion of the Bob Hope Desert Classic. There were mutterings and complaints, but Spanos maintained that his 11-handicap was genuine and that he had just practiced a lot. Spanos kept his title but has not been invited back.” Read Full Story


Year / Total Payroll
NFL Teams Total Payroll
NFL Oakland Raiders Team Salaries $ 152,389,371
NFL Dallas Cowboys Team Salaries $ 146,401,600
NFL Minnesota Vikings Team Salaries $ 133,354,045
NFL Cleveland Browns Team Salaries $ 131,916,300
NFL New Orleans Saints Team Salaries $ 131,531,820
NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Team Salaries $ 128,815,061
NFL Tennessee Titans Team Salaries $ 126,017,443
NFL Arizona Cardinals Team Salaries $ 122,110,110
NFL Jacksonville Jaguars Team Salaries $ 122,109,207
NFL Chicago Bears Team Salaries $ 120,065,819
NFL San Francisco 49ers Team Salaries $ 118,766,239
NFL New York Jets Team Salaries $ 116,910,097
NFL St. Louis Rams Team Salaries $ 116,677,660
NFL New York Giants Team Salaries $ 115,816,180
NFL Miami Dolphins Team Salaries $ 114,649,660
NFL Buffalo Bills Team Salaries $ 113,364,927
NFL Carolina Panthers Team Salaries $ 112,114,711
NFL Washington Redskins Team Salaries $ 111,963,684
NFL San Diego Chargers Team Salaries $ 111,813,340
NFL Cincinnati Bengals Team Salaries $ 109,727,880
NFL Philadelphia Eagles Team Salaries $ 109,557,398
NFL Houston Texans Team Salaries $ 108,445,418
NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Salaries $ 104,329,311
NFL Seattle Seahawks Team Salaries $ 102,985,710
NFL Atlanta Falcons Team Salaries $ 96,391,525
NFL Detroit Lions Team Salaries $ 95,827,117
NFL Denver Broncos Team Salaries $ 95,599,778
NFL Green Bay Packers Team Salaries $ 94,018,300
NFL Indianapolis Colts Team Salaries $ 93,373,915
NFL New England Patriots Team Salaries $ 92,734,120
NFL Baltimore Ravens Team Salaries $ 90,713,965
NFL Kansas City Chiefs Team Salaries $ 83,623,776

Chrgers’ Onwership & Management is GARBAGE!

If you missed the game against the Rams, you are lucky.  The Chargers failed to make the trip to St. Louis and the coaching staff further proved their incompetence.  The Chargers came out and dominated the run early, yet after their first 1st down of the game, the Bolts decided to take the Rock out of Mathews hand and let Rivers get sacked 7 times while trying to throw to 2nd stringers because our primary receiving core is not getting paid or became injured in the first half.

“There are three keys that go into a championship. You have to be good, you have to be lucky and you have to be injury-free. We have a very good team.” – AJ Smith

According to that formula, the Chargers are 0-3

“It hurts,” Smith said. “It hurts when you don’t have your players. How are you going to win a championship without your left tackle and your wideout? I’m sick about it. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how anybody could be more upset about this than me.” – AJ Smith

Trust me, San Diego natives are more upset than you are AJ.  We would have payed both of our players without thinking twice!  You take our money and we expect you to spend it on our team, not tell our players that you’re going to piss on their heads and then try to call it rain.

The Chargers are 2-4 because of coaching and management.  We have a puppet head coach and a GM who thinks he’s bigger than the team and the city of San Diego.  It is utterly disgusting!

Good Luck with that Stadium!