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Case Against Cromartie Under Review

Antonio Cromartie

I don’t know what happened at Bar West and it sounds like no one else does either… except for the few that were involved with whatever went on that night.  TMZ’s witness changed his story for whatever reason and is not reliable.  There are varying accounts of what happened that night from multiple witnesses.  It sounds like the other players are keeping the incident on the DL as they are emphatic about Cromartie’s non-involvement.  Unless the guy who got his head split open is pressing charges, I don’t see the city attorney pursuing this case.  I read the guy was not going to press charges, so lets hope this goes away quietly.

Read the Union Tribune article By Debbi Baker

Antonio Cromartie allegedly got in to a fight at a local club.


UPDATE: Cromartie’s agent, Gary Wichard, seems to be throwing Antonio’s teammates under the bus, telling TMZ, “This is absolutely not a story. Antonio didn’t throw the bottle. There were actually three other players involved. Antonio is at a complex working out. Again, this is not a story.”

UPDATE #2: After we posted Wichard’s statement, his story changed. Here is what he’s telling us now: “he was there with 2 other players … no one was involved in the fight.”