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Turner will go, but Chargers should keep GM… MY ASS!

This is ridiculous!  Nick, I love reading your column but you are way off base here.  Check out some of the many similar comments on this latest article in regards to keeping AJ and getting rid of Norv.

Things were bad here for a period of time in the 90’s and early 2000’s equivalent to the Raiders tenure of dysfunctionality, but that does not mean AJ is the best we can do.  9 people out of 10 could probably have done better in the draft than AJ has done just by picking players as they are ranked… no, I’m not kidding.

Yeah, AJ is good at finding street players.  Would he have to be if he (A) Didn’t piss off his veterans and run them out of town b/c he does not want to pay for value, (B) Didn’t miss so very fucking badly in the draft for half of a fucking decade, (C) Signed free agents(our own or on the open market), or (D) all of the above ?

This is the San Diego football version of the financial crisis.  We deregulated the market by firing Marty and putting Norv in charge.  Everyone new it was a bad idea, but somehow we got taken on this ride.  Things seemed horribly wrong, but somehow it didn’t totally collapse.  Each year there were signs of downturn and instability, but the people at the top had excuses and calmed the masses.  Finally in 2012, it was no longer too big to fail.  Injuries on top of failed drafts year after year combined with subpar coaching led to this collapse.

The Chargers are bumbling and stumbling.  I take no pride in watching my team flounder like fools.  I wanted Rex Ryan.  I wanted Polamalu, Matthews(or Maualuga or Laurinitis or Oher).  The list goes on and my fantasy defense for the bolts would be pretty awesome, but I digress.  This team is not even fun to watch.  Did Norv realize the Bolts would lose if Timmy was within 1 score?  Does he not know the bad luck our sports teams have here in San Diego?  You have to take extra precautions for “idiot kickers” here in SD!  Jiminy Christmas, I can’t believe this shit!

Anyway… thanks AJ!  And Nick, with all due respect… You are wrong sir.  Things are not good and have not been good for a while.  AND… AJ is perceived as a giant Ass Hole and San Diegans want him out of here regardless of the risk/reward potential.  On top of which I’d have to argue that there isn’t much.  His amazing 2004 and ’05 drafts don’t happen if Eli comes here.  Then where are we.  Right that’s a big IF.  How about this… he gave away a Super Bowl champion field general(Brees) and numerous players who wanted to be here.  You could even argue he cost this town a Championship.  You don’t blow up a 14-2 team and get rid of its coach!  You just don’t!

It could be argued either way at this point I guess.  And to be honest,  AJ is such a belligerent A-Hole… SD just wants him out!  With his head coach of choice in the same caravan out of town.