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LT Passed Jim Brown on All-Time Rushing List

After the game, Jim Brown came down to the Chargers locker-room and congratulated LT for passing him on the all-time running backs list.  The Chargers’ out-of-town respect would stop there.  The Chargers won their 7th straight and moved in to a tie for the 3rd best record in the NFL and a tie for 2nd Seed in the AFC, yet they only got one stinking highlight on Football Night in America.  Nice tribute to Jim Brown and LaDainian Tomlinson NBC!(That was sarcasm btw)

NFL Standings At The Top

  • Saints & Colts – 12-0
  • Vikings – 10-2
  • Chargers & Bengals – 9-3

AFC Standings At The Top

  • Colts(12-0)
  • Chargers & Bengals(9-3)
  • Patriots(7-5)

So after the 10 seconds that NBC dedicated to the Chargers, they went on to gush about the 21 “REGULAR SEASON VICTORIES” that the Colts have.  They conveniently forgot to mention that the hottest team in the AFC is the one that sent them packing in the playoffs the last two years in a row and why it is a string of “regular season victories” as opposed to a string of “consecutive victories”.  The Chargers have posed a bigger problem for Manning than Brady and Belichick, yet no one is talking about us except for the former coach that knows our wrath.  Dan Patrick asked if there’s anyone that the Colts should be concerned about and Tony Dungy replied quickly without hesitation, “The Chargers”.  He is the ONLY person in the national media to give the Chargers praise and his ability to be honest and objective is why he is one of the best analysts on TV.  He still looks like a deer in headlights though!

As for the top ranked and over-hyped media darlings like the Cowboys and the Bengals… The Chargers are coming!  Dallas is next and then the Bengals come to town which will hopefully be a match-up to decide the #2 overall seed in the AFC.  Here’s to giving the national media a big-giant Shit-Burger… AGAIN!