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Chargers ’09 body of work coming in to focus

Courtesy of Eye of The Beholder

I can’t really say that I am surprised by the outcome of the Chargers vs. Cowboys game.  The NFC East aka the “NFC Least” is consistently the most overrated division in football much like the SEC and Big 12 are in college football.  The sports pundits that dominate the airwaves reside on the east coast and are in bed by the time our afternoon games start.  I jest, but not really.  Who really cares about San Diego besides us and who would want to pay attention to us after we laid two back-to-back eggs on national TV?  Well, that was then and this is now.  The Chargers’ season is coming in to full view and like this picture… it is near perfect.

The Chargers are imposing their will on opposing teams and this is the best Chargers team I have ever seen.  Granted, I have not been around as long Nick Canepa but I’ve got a big enough sample size to know that loving San Diego sports goes hand in hand with heartbreak.  Whatever though, its not like we’re going to stop watching!  I digress…  Best Chargers team I have seen without a doubt.  The ’94 Super Bowl team was great and obviously had magic, but the Steelers were the best team in the AFC that year and actually had a defense that might have made that Super Bowl a good one.  We got lucky that year to get to the Super Bowl, but I think we all knew we had no chance against Young, Rice and those 49ers.  That 2007-08 Chargers team that went to the AFC Championship game was the second best team I’ve seen behind this one, but they were walking wounded after the Colts game and couldn’t perform miracles. (I can’t put the 12-4 or 14-2 Schottenheimer squads in because of the one and done playoff factors, but they were fun regular seasons to watch… I thought I should qualify those for you before moving on to this year’s team because someone will undoubtedly say something.)

This team is THE best Chargers team I’ve seen.  There is something different about this team and something different about this year.  The Chargers are playing great football and it is just fun to watch.  We have receivers that are like giants with hands of glue who either pick up 50 yard bombs or draw pass interference to put us on the goal line.  The TD Nosehound aka LT, #21, Future Hall of Famer, is healthy, happy, and looking like the LT of old in the Red Zone.  The make shift offensive line is performing incredibly and keeping P-RIV off his back so he can light up defenses.  Did I mention Blue Thunder?  You can’t have an offense as exciting and unpredictable as lightning without thunder and that’s why I’ve dubbed them Blue Thunder. They are hitting opposing players so hard it feels and sounds like thunder and they wear blue, hence the name.  It was also a sweet tv show when I was growing up… kind of a poorman’s Airwolf.  Anyway, the Chargers are awesome right now and I’m not worried about anyone left on the schedule and I wouldn’t be surprised if Indy got knocked off by New England and gave us homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.  Knock on wood!  GO BOLTS!