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Spanos Family Legacy Sucks in San Diego

Dean, AG, & John Spanos

Hindsight is 20/20 but San Diego and everyone else outside of the Spanos family can already see the writing on the wall; The Spanos family’s legacy in San Diego is ruined forever.  The Spanos family was already on thin ice with its fanbase after years of antagonizing behavior through former GM, AJ Smith.  This family just cannot get out of its own way and could probably pay someone to come up with really bad ideas and not even come close to matching these boneheads!

The Chargers are known nationally for one thing in modern history… diarrheaing all over themselves on a national stage weather it be the playoffs, a game to get in to the playoffs, the AFC Championship, the Super Bowl, or the LA Stadium Sweepstakes!  These freaking idots fired the two best coaches they’ve ever had and one who is a hall-of-famer in Marty Schottenheimer.  I’ll give the Spanos family credit for hiring Marty… he kicked their ass so often, they decided to hire him… until they fired him after the Chargers’ best regular season in history because a player intercepted the ball and then fumbled it…. idiot.  I digress.

The Spanos family’s legacy is ruined forever.  Not only did they run a beloved head coach out of town and back his nemesis who drafted Larry Fucking English(Bust) and “Bust”er Davis, but they hired Norv “Sucks a Head Coach” Turner to replace him.  They passed on Troy Polamalu and AG Spanos went to fucking USC with him!  These guys suck just based on the fact that they whiffed on every good USC player coming out from Pete Carrol’s program because AG is goddamned alumni!  He owns an NFL team but doesn’t watch his own college team play football?  Maybe if John had gone to USC, we would’ve drafted Troy, or Clay, or Brian, or Justice or never mind.  Spanos is synonymous with sucks!

Fast forward to 2015/16 when these fucking rim jobs announced that they are building a stadium in Carson(Nuclear Waste Dump).  These jerkoffs spent millions of dollars planning to move OUR team to LA.  Like I said, you couldn’t pay someone to come up with bad ideas that come out this fast and this bad.  This family actually tried to bamboozle the nation in to thinking LA gives a shit about their franchise.  The hubris is probably the most annoying thing about this but it all came full circle last week when NFL owners told the Chargers to go pound San Diego Beach Sand.  It was the Spanos family/Chargers diarrheaing all over themselves again on a national stage for all to see.  In my personal opinion, it was a thing of beauty.  Think about it for a second… What message does the NFL send to the nation if they let these knuckleheads hi-jack a civic treasure from a city that loves it and has actively fought to keep it?  It says, “If you don’t build a stadium; then you lose your team.” and that is not the precedent that the NFL owners wanted to set for themselves.

Again, it was clear to everyone outside of the Spanos family but these jerks still won’t talk to the city and open negotiations.  The mayor called Spanos personally and didn’t even get a return call.  Look assholes, Kronkeworld won’t even open until 2019.  Are you going to play in the Coliseum? I go to USC games there and if you’re bailing on the Q to go there, you’re bigger idiots than this article makes you out to be.  The Chargers will fail before they even move in to their new lease agreement.  The only end-game I Can see for them now is to try and leverage LA somehow and sell the team to someone who actually wants to be a hero and keep them in America’s Finest City.  Beyond that, the Spanos family has to eat crow and come back to the negotiating table.

These numskulls have made so many bad decisions consecutively that eat away at San Diegan’s true values, I doubt they can ever get back in the good graces of San Diego.  They would have to make double the amount of good decisions than their bad ones, which is insurmountable at this point… and win multiple Super Bowls.  No one has really said it this way, but this family of fucksticks is trying to steal away our goddamned football team.  Fuck these people with a splintery broom handle!

This family should be forced to sell the Chargers like that racist prick was forced to sell San Diego’s other team that was stolen; The Clippers.  San Diego hates that motherfucker and we didn’t even like the Clippers.  The Spanos family is already not welcome in their hometown and if they keep up their bullshit, they’re not going to be welcome in the NFL. Mark my words.  Stop penalizing the fans that love this team because San Diego has rotten politicians and a corrupt city hall!

Note to the Spanos Family: You will always be remembered as the ownership that tried to steal our team and take it to LA… our goddamned rivals!  For that, your legacy will never recover in San Diego or NFL Chargers history books.




Petition to bring back Scott & BR! has helped many causes, both small and large.  Scott & BR are Great Friends, San Diego staples, and part of our community.  They bring sanity to insane Chargers seasons year after year.  They organized countless charity events and spoke the truth.

Sign the petition and help get them back on the air!

Matt’s Back, look the hell out SEC!

1 more year: USC QB Barkley coming back!

Booyah Suckas!  A day after Ohio State got theirs… albeit, a pretty weak sanctioning job compared to what USC got for far less.  I mean Ohio had numerous players and their coach involved in different scandals from running drugs to selling memorabilia.  USC had one player who arranged a back-end deal to put his parents in a house.  No American in the country would turn down a house for their parents if it were offered… and needed.

I digress!  Time has been served and the golden boy is back for his senior year.  In line to be one of the next great USC QB’s, The Trojans are poised to play for a National Title next year.  No matter how corrupt the BCS is and how much favoritism is awarded to SEC teams next year, USC is fuckin’ back and we’re taking those hillbillies to the woodshed next year!


Reggie’s Kids and Scott’s Totts Have Something in Common!

The problem is, “Scott’s Totts” was part of a hilarious comedy sketch from The Office and Reggie’s Kids actually got stiffed on their $10,000 scholarships.

“Hey Mr. Scott, What you gonna do?
What you gonna do? Make our dreams come true!
Hey Mr. Scott, What you gonna do?
What you gonna do? Make our dreams come true!

You came into our lives and made a promise, that made us honest.
Made us realize, we don’t need to compromise, cause we could have it all.
Cause you made it possible, for us to achieve the improbable.

Hey Hey Hey Hey!

Hey Mr. Scott, What you gonna do?
What you gonna do? Make our dreams come true!
Hey Mr. Scott, What you gonna do?
What you gonna do? Make our dreams come true!”

Courtesy of Channel 10 News

“SAN DIEGO — San Diego native Reggie Bush is one of many NFL stars playing in this year’s Super Bowl, but the New Orleans Saints running back is at the center of a college scholarship issue with his name attached.Bush graduated from Helix High School in 2003 and had a Heisman Trophy-winning career at the University of Southern California. After college, he was drafted by the Saints in 2006 and signed a $26 million guaranteed contract.However, two local families are wondering what happened with the money that was supposed to go to a scholarship Bush lent his name to.

In March 2007, Helix High School seniors Brandon Fountain and Matt Cobb were presented a $10,000 scholarship from Bush to use for college.”I think it’s always been in my heart, just a desire to be able to come back and give back to the high school I grew up in,” Bush said in 2007.Fountain said, “I was real excited to meet Reggie Bush.”Fountain attends Cuyamaca College, and Cobb entered San Diego State University. Each received a $2,500 installment on their scholarships in their freshman year. Both ran into problems the following year when trying to contact the scholarship’s trustee, Jerry Michaels.”Mr. Michaels never responded. A couple of weeks later, he (Brandon) sent a second e-mail and still no response,” said Fountain’s father, Bruce.It was the same story for Cobb, and after weeks of wondering they received an answer they were not expecting.”That’s when we were told he was out of funds and due to the economy he didn’t have the money,” said Cobb.10News contacted Michaels, who lives in Los Angeles. He said the scholarship program was set up years ago and Bush’s people contacted him in an effort to get involved. Michaels said Bush’s people promised to contribute to the funds but never followed through. The existing scholarship was funded by previous investments in the stock market, and those stocks did not do well.While Bush posed with them at Helix High and was credited for “giving back” to his former school, Fountain and Cobb were left with an empty promise and a scholarship with Bush’s name and without his assistance.10News’ Steve Atkinson asked, “So the only person who gets hurt in this is?””The kids,” said Bruce Fountain.10News contacted the San Diego Foundation, which as funded more than $15 million in scholarships for local students, to find out if the Bush scholarship is common practice. They said they only receive direct funds from donors, which is never a risky investment.”We work with our donors to make sure the money they are promising students is in the bank before we ever begin talking about awarding a scholarship,” said Arzo Mansury of the San Diego Foundation.10News tried numerous times to contact Bush’s representatives regarding this story, but phone calls have not been returned.In addition to Bush’s NFL salary, he earns nearly $5 million a year in endorsements.”

As a USC Alum, I am very disappointed to hear about this and hope Reggie does the right thing!  Of course, he did try to lateral the ball on the 4 yard line in the Rose Bowl… so who knows!