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A New Stadium For SD? Not so fast!

What’s up fellow Chargers fans?!  With the Chargers ranked third in the NFL, 2nd in the AFC, and the best season in a couple years, we are undoubtedly going to face the “New Stadium” debate very soon.  While I absolutely want a new football stadium in America’s finest city, I must say that I am vehemently opposed to spending local tax dollars on the project.  I have pasted some excerpts from a 35pg study on the subject to give you an idea of why and linked you to a summary of the analysis.  From what I have found, this is consistent with reality as opposed to what the Chargers’ front man Mark Fabiani has been trying to sell SD.  I respect Fabiani and the chargers very much, but private companies need to pay for their own house just like the rest of us… unless they want to cut us in on a bigger piece of the pie such as ownership.

Unfortunately there is a Mt. Everest size pile of data on the subject and NONE of it is in favor of the local taxpayers.  In summary, it ends with us footing the bill for increased city services, higher ticket prices(You didn’t seriously think your season or individual tickets would cost less did you?), and “In general, the results of this study do not support a positive correlation between professional sports and job creation” (112).

There now exists almost twenty years of research on the economic impact of professional sports franchises and facilities on the local economy.  The results in this literature are strikingly consistent.  No matter what cities or geographical areas are examined, no matter what estimators are used, no matter what model specifications are used, and no matter what variables are used, articles published in peer-reviewed economics journals contain almost no evidence that professional sports franchises and facilities have a measurable economic impact on the economy.

Calls for subsidies at the local level come from interest groups and their consulting firms—which we call “promoters” of subsidization—who talk up local benefits of sports franchises, stadiums, and mega-events. As we shall see, promoters’ claims of such local benefits don’t hold up empirically. But such rationales can also be countered by simple economic intuition.  The prospect of a game being broadcast nationally or even internationally from the stadium or arena is touted as a wonderful advertisement of the city’s virtues. These benefits, which the teams cannot capture, are used to justify  a local government subsidy for the construction of the facility.

THANKS TO – Dennis Coates (Professor of Economics at University of Maryland, Baltimore County and President-Elect of the North American Association of Sports Economists) provides a nice survey of the academic literature on the economic impact of sports stadiums in The American.


PS:  On the same topic, SD spent $458,000,000 for the Padres franchise that promised to spend money on a “competitive team”.  Four years after we forked over the dough, the franchise slashed its payroll and John Moores sold his team for more than $500,000,000 after purchasing it for $84 million in 1994.  This will yield him over a 500% return on investment.

If the Chargers want to cut the taxpayers in on the ROI, then you have my vote!

Phil Simms weighed in on the Chargers during Scott & BR today

Listen to the Audio from Scott & BR on XX1090

If you’re not familiar with Scott & BR, they are on XX1090 from 5AM-9AM.  They’re fun to listen to but they also have great connections and get really interesting interviews on a regular basis from people like Jim Nance, Phil Simms, and Mark Schlereth.  They own a horse with Drew Brees and he’s on quite a bit because they are friends and are all part of the ownership group, “Great Friends”.  Anyways, this is a sweet interview from a national voice giving the Chargers their due and tempering his expectations because he realizes there are several tough games coming  up.  Cincinnati and Tennessee… both have two n’s back to back and we’re playing them back to back.  Weird.

Yes, the Chargers passed on this guy too!

I will admit that you cannot evaluate your draft pick the first year, but all three linebackers that came out of USC last year are reeking havoc in the NFL.  Rey Maualuga was considered and nominated for the September NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month, Clay Matthews was the NFC Defensive player of the week.  Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week.  Cushing also earned the the AFC Defensive Rookie of the month honors in November.

The Chargers did not have a chance to get Cushing, but Rey and Clay are AWESOME!  The Chargers have flat out dropped the ball in recent drafts and you have to wonder what they are thinking sometimes and if they are thinking.  A.G. Spanos went to USC, so you have to wonder what their aversion is to drafting from the powerhouse school up the freeway.  This is not the first time the Chargers have passed up on dominant Trojans, but let’s hope it was the last time.

I for one just do not understand how you pass up the BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER in college football when you have a chance to get him.  Furthermore, I don’t understand how you pass up a player like Clay Matthews with his pedigree and knowledge of the game.  Clay Matthews’ brother Bruce Matthews, who also played at USC, and father Clay Matthews, Sr. were also NFL players. Two of his sons joined the football team at USC, while another joined the football team at the University of Oregon: Kyle Matthews was a safety at USC (2000-03) and Clay Matthews III played linebacker and defensive end at USC (2004-2008). After graduation, he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers. Casey Matthews currently plays linebacker at UO (2007- ).[1]

The Chargers are on a roll and there’s no doubt about it.  That doesn’t mean I like watching AWESOME players on other teams that we could’ve had and need!

USC’s Star Recruit Breaks California Prep Scoring Record

Dillon Baxter, QB, RB, WR

This year has been one Trojans fans would like to quickly forget… Next year will not be and I have a feeling Dillon Baxter will be a large reason why.  “A strong candidate for national player of the year by several publications, Dillon Baxter had his hand in six touchdowns, including a 28-yard TD catch, two TD passes and three TD runs — a nifty hat track that gave him the state scoring record for combined passing and rushing with 438 points. He also broke the state record with 70 combined touchdowns.”

I started looking at next year’s recruits after the Trojans lost their 3rd game and was admiring the likes of our 5 Star Recruits, Kyle Prater and Robert Woods when I found about our local Dillon Baxter.  He is putting up numbers I never even imagined possible.  This guy puts up 500 yards of total offense like its another day at the park.

Check out his season averages with one game left to play!

  • RUSH TD’s/Game – 3.58
  • PASSING TD’s/Game – 2.08
  • RUSH YDS/Game – 215.8
  • PASS YDS/Game – 160.1
  • TOTAL TD’s/Game – 5.64
  • TOTAL YARDS/Game – 375.9


By the way, if this kid is not a 5 Star Recruit he should be!

Ex-Charger’s mistress charged with stalking

Stacey Bernice Saunders

In my opinion, this story is tired.

Here is some of the article from the UT

By John Wilkens

A 27-year-old San Diego woman who had an affair with former Charger Chris Chambers has been charged with 11 misdemeanor counts for allegedly stalking and harassing the wide receiver’s family.

Stacey Bernice Saunders is due in court Jan. 19 for arraignment, said Paul Levikow, a spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office.

Chambers’ wife, Christina, told San Diego police in April that Saunders was harassing her with phone calls. Two months later, Chambers requested a temporary restraining order against Saunders, saying she has “launched an incessant attack verbally on me, and now my wife, her mother and sister.”

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Mayor, 2 supervisors discuss downtown site

Mayor Jerry Sanders

SAN DIEGO — San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders met privately with county Supervisors Dianne Jacob and Ron Roberts Monday to discuss building a downtown football stadium for the Chargers.

All three declined interviews through intermediaries after the Mayor’s Office sent an e-mail to the media about 6 p.m., 45 minutes after the session ended.

“The Chargers are a regional asset and helping them will require regional cooperation,” the e-mail said.

It ended: “This is the first of several meetings that we will have to discuss ideas for solving the significant challenges that lie ahead.”

The officials and some staff met for an hour in a conference room at the county building. They didn’t set a next meeting date, Roberts spokesman Tim McClain said.

McClain said Roberts “is interested in helping the Chargers stay in San Diego County. I can’t say that he’s interested in spending county resources. That’s not what was discussed. They met to discuss strategies.”

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Below are computer generated images of Downtown SD with a stadium.

Images Courtesy of The Scott & BR Show – XX Website

USC Football and Fans Have a Bright Future!

If you’re worried about USC’s “off year”, it is understandable.  This is the first year in the Pete Carroll era where I don’t remember a plethora of ridiculous freak athletes with the ability to get the ball in to the end zone.  Damian Williams was hurt for several games, Stafon Johnson crushed his throat, and Joe McKnight was not as prolific as we are used to at USC.  Matt Barkley has his first year under his belt and now he needs some prolific weapons in order to live up to his hype.  You ask and you shall receive!

Take a look at the 2010 recruiting class… especially 5 Star Recruits,

Kyle Prater

and Robert Woods!

More Robert Woods photos in this piece by Dustin Snipes.