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Petition to bring back Scott & BR! has helped many causes, both small and large.  Scott & BR are Great Friends, San Diego staples, and part of our community.  They bring sanity to insane Chargers seasons year after year.  They organized countless charity events and spoke the truth.

Sign the petition and help get them back on the air!

Vincent Jackson, to be or not to be… a Charger

Lot’s of talk regarding Vincent Jackson… again!  This is getting to be a lot like the Kardashian bullshit that San Diegans despise when it comes to our sports teams.  At least he’s not bringing it on himself like Shawne Merriman did.  That being said, this is getting really old.  The Chargers have seriously blown it the past two years by jerking their players around and failing to sign impact free agents.  Much like the Padres, the Chargers have been acquiring 2nd tier free agents or players past their prime, albeit serviceable at times, but not in the same category as a Julius Peppers.  The Chargers need help with pass rush… LOTS OF HELP!  I think the monks down in Tibet know that the Chargers pass rush has been a joke since Merriman stopped being a factor.

So here we are a few weeks from the free agency deadline of March 15th.  The Chargers kept the Dynamic Duodenum  and hinted heavily that they would be players in free agency to offset the anger towards the franchise for keeping Norv & AJ.  I’m a born and raised San Diegan and actually think that could make a difference, but I’m a born and raised San Diegan and KNOW that it won’t make a difference.

So keep Jackson or let him go, the Chargers will still come out unprepared to start the game and won’t wake up until the 4th quarter so long as Norv is the coach.  AJ is still the manager who did okay for a while, but doesn’t change the fact that he’s been a pompous ass since he’s been here… and is back out there saying he doesn’t like other team’s free agents and he’s interested in signing ours.  Good job on Sproles with that philosophy… whatever, its not like the Bolts used him correctly regardless.

This thing has become a shit show and is pretty frustrating.  Let’s just hope the Bolts sign some good players and don’t totally eviscerate themselves… AGAIN!

PS.  Sign VJAX to a big deal please bc he’s a prima donna and will dog it if he doesn’t get it… That or let him go, but don’t franchise him again please… he’s a bitch!

Dumbass XX1090 fires Scott Kaplan

Facebook – Bring Back Scott & BR

The dipshit management team at XX1090 is back at it again doing a bang up job!  New Ownership, same dipshit middle management.  Apparently Scott said something that offended a few people.  Funny people offend others sometimes.  No one is going to please everyone for fuck’s sake.  Now Scott is on a little unpaid vacation until this dips hit manager gets transferred, fired, and/or given cement shoes off of Point Loma.  IS that offensive?  Sorry, I thought it was funny.  If you don’t like it, visit another shitty website.

This is utterly ridiculous and its bad enough we had to put up with those crappy Mexican government commercials.  In a perfect world, Scott & BR will get picked up by a station that doesn’t have to play those terrible ads and Tex Meyer will be managing an Alaskan radio station by next week!

One of the most offensive things about this whole process was that XX1090 chose to issue this press statement and lie to its loyal listeners by telling us Scott Kaplan departed like it was his decision.  We all know Scott & BR, and they would not leave without saying goodbye.  Maybe, just maybe a real explanation would’ve toned down the anger San Diegans have for Tex and his management team regarding this decision, but lying just made it worse.   As far as management decisions go, they don’t get much worse.

PREDICTION:  Tex Meyer gets transferred quietly in the next few weeks.

Here’s what Scott said apparently.

Courtesy of SDUT…

Kaplan’s latest remarks were made in a conversation with a caller shortly after 6 a.m. Jan. 25. They lasted for more than six minutes.

Kaplan said, “I think that she is currently a woman. I cannot confirm for you that she has been a woman her entire life. My guess is that at some point she had some form of surgery. Have you seen this chick?”

He later said, “I’ll take Holly Rowe’s giant butt any day on ESPN, compared to this sasquatch that they use.”

They’re baaaaaaa’aaaaaaack!

The Chargers just announced that they will both be back.  Like it or not, that’s the deal.  Get ready for another maddening season in 2012!  The Bolts better win the Super Bowl next year!  Jesus, what a mess.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  Holy crap!

Matt’s Back, look the hell out SEC!

1 more year: USC QB Barkley coming back!

Booyah Suckas!  A day after Ohio State got theirs… albeit, a pretty weak sanctioning job compared to what USC got for far less.  I mean Ohio had numerous players and their coach involved in different scandals from running drugs to selling memorabilia.  USC had one player who arranged a back-end deal to put his parents in a house.  No American in the country would turn down a house for their parents if it were offered… and needed.

I digress!  Time has been served and the golden boy is back for his senior year.  In line to be one of the next great USC QB’s, The Trojans are poised to play for a National Title next year.  No matter how corrupt the BCS is and how much favoritism is awarded to SEC teams next year, USC is fuckin’ back and we’re taking those hillbillies to the woodshed next year!