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DICK Sherman

“I played pretty well. But it’s really funny that two little Chargers say I was exposed. One had 50 yards, and one had 60. It makes you laugh.”

Dick Sherman gets toasted

What a dick!  He’s on my fantasy team, but he gotten taken advantage of out there last Sunday.  He got turned around and looked foolish and lost.  Dick Sherman can say what he wants, but the dude get fucking TOASTED!


Freeney Hoping For A Healthy 2014 Season

Article by: Robert Calfee

Just about everyone would agree that the San Diego Chargers exceeded expectations in the 2013 NFL season. There were very few people who thought they would be able to make the playoffs, but Philip Rivers turned in a very good statistical season to help them have team success. The future is now bright for San Diego, as they feel like they should be even better in 2014 with a healthy roster. One guy in particular who could really help the defense is Dwight Freeney. The team was not considered a very good pick up in fantasy football on defense last year, but he will add a bit more stability to the linebacker position.

At age 34, Freeney is on the decline. He last made the Pro bowl in 2011, and he hasn’t been a first-team All-Pro since the 2009 year. However, that does not mean he can’t contribute at a high level for San Diego. Not only that, but his leadership role in the locker room could help as well.

Freeney was only able to play in four games last year due to a quadriceps tear. He had to spend the offseason getting back into NFL shape. In the preseason, he has flashed signs of being 100%, and that is perfect for a San Diego team that would love to be more ferocious on defense.

When it comes to talk, Freeney has certainly been doing some of that so far in the preseason. In fact, he has gone on record saying that he feels like this team could be a Super Bowl contender by the end of the year. Any team that makes the playoffs in the NFL has a shot, and this team looks to be more balanced than ever. No one has been able to really get a good look at what this team looks like with Freeney contributing at a high level, so maybe San Diego was only scratching the surface a year ago. If Rivers and the offense can put up solid fantasy football numbers, Freeney could anchor a defense ready to challenge Denver and Kansas City for divisional supremacy.

The Gruesome Twosome are Finally Gone!


Where do we begin? The firing of Marty Schottenheimer, the release of future Hall of Famer Drew Brees, the wasted draft picks used to trade up in the draft to acquire worthless players that are no longer with us, the hiring of a patsy Head Coach we all knew would not accomplish the ultimate goal, or the blatant disrespect of All Pro Players that were humiliated and run out of town and or suspended costing us playoff births in 2005 and 2010?

AJ Smith’s blunders are well documented in the SDSW archives and around the internet.  The guy was a blithering asshole.  The funny thing is, his bullshit probably cost him his job and his head coach’s job in the end.  I mean seriously, what a goddamned prick!  He will be forever remembered as the most hated sports executive in San Diego history.

As far as Norv goes… What can I say?  He did what we thought he would do, turn a winning franchise in to a losing one.  The majority of us knew this would happen and it did.  It’s not a surprise, so we can’t be mad at the guy for being who we knew him to be.  he is an OC, not an HC.  His teams continually did the boneheaded shit that was fuckin’ maddening like we were stuck in groundhog day.  Thanks for the playoff wins Norv… I still think Marty would’ve won the next couple years.

Now it is time for Dean to find a GM and quick… too late!  Jesus, Chip Kelly is about to sign with the Browns and that sucks.  I hope to high hell they hire a GM quick so we don’t lose out on potentially good HC’s.  Hurry the fuck up already!

Get these Clowns out of Town!

Am I stuck in Ground Hog Day!? What The Fuck Dean? In all seriousness, how long do we have to watch this crap linger with our football team… By The Way Dean, you are lucky “We” are still referring to the Chargers as “our” team as opposed to “your” team.

If you do not get rid of AJ and Norv at the next possible juncture Dean, you run the risk of San Diegans not caring about “your” team any time soon.  I think every San Diegan with a decent football IQ saw this coming 6 years ago.  I would be willing to bet my life that the only person in San Diego who was stupid enough to think that Norv could take us to the Promise Land, was AJ Smith.

AJ Smith is also the guy who watched Brees and Rivers practice side by side for years and made the determination that Rivers was somehow head and shoulders above Brees… it is obvious who has the head and the shoulders to win a Super Bowl… Not AJ or Rivers… Yes, it was/is Brees.  Not to mention the blown personnel moves in Michael Turner, Sproles, VJax, Wes Welker, Clay Matthews, Larry English, Jacob Hester, and on and on and on.


NOTE TO DEAN SPANOS: Fire AJ and start interviewing General Managers so they can start their fucking Head Coach search!  WHAT THE FUCK!?

Chargers Previews are Coming In

If you missed this article by Deadspin, you should check it out because its pretty fucking hilarious and on point.  It outlines pretty well why the Bolts will not do anything in 2012 and I must say I agree.  If you get pissed off because I’m not ra ra on the Bolts its  because I live in the real world and know that the Dolts will replace our Chargers whenever we need them most under Norv.  It’s a pathetic display every year under Norv regardless of record.

Pro-Football Talk ranked the Chargers at 16 and here’s how they summed it up.  “We ranked the Chargers as a middle-of-the-pack team for 2012 because Turner has been on the job for five seasons, and San Diego’s final-year positioning has essentially gotten worse on an annual basis. Some of it has to do with bad luck. Most of it has to do with underachieving, and we’re not sold that the ’12 Chargers are good enough to push the envelope they’ve established in the AFC.”



Petition to bring back Scott & BR! has helped many causes, both small and large.  Scott & BR are Great Friends, San Diego staples, and part of our community.  They bring sanity to insane Chargers seasons year after year.  They organized countless charity events and spoke the truth.

Sign the petition and help get them back on the air!