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America’s Finest city – Photo Credit

FACT: Dean has been caught submitting false Golf Scores on his score card. That’s our owner!

Above is a sample of America’s Finest City.  We are the ONLY desirable American City that has offered the NFL an address within the city limits that the team actually plays in… and they scoffed at it and said, “No, we want a stadium in downtown!”

  • Foxborough Patriots
  • New Jersey Giants
  • New Jersey JETS
  • Santa Clara 49ers
  • Arlington Cowboys

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? New York’s stadium is not even in the same state and they’re giving San Diegans shit over a 3 mile difference.(You can still see downtown from an aerial shot… not that the country would know because the Chargers have been shitty for a long time and have been scrubbed from National Flex Games.

NFL AND SPANOS CLAN HEAR THIS – We love our Chargers but we hate your corrupt, ass-backwards, scheming ways.  You did more for a vote in Carson than you did here you fucking assholes! Don’t think we didn’t notice!

“TRYING TO BUILD A STADIUM FOR 15 YEARS” – Wait one fucking minute assholes!

Only the worst business people in the world would not be able to get a stadium done in fifteen years. Think about it; you’d have to be completely inept or just fucking stupid when it comes to financing, contracts, and logistics.  If you hired people to get shit done for a billion dollar enterprise and they came up with goose-eggs year in and year out; those mofo’s would not be around for year 4 because smart business people fire motherfuckers that can’t execute.  That is the only job of an owner… hire people to get shit done!  No championships or stadium in 15 years+ tells you all you need to know about this fucking  family of idiots.  They cannot get out of their own way.

And while we’re on it; The Spanos family and the NFL are fucking dubious for claiming 2006-2013(7 Years) as a period of time when they tried to build a stadium! Ever hear of the Great Recession that nearly bankrupted the ENTIRE WORLD? Nothing was built, while construction was halted across the nation and land tracks were left vacant all over the country while developers went belly up.  To claim this time period as actively trying to get a stadium built is about as legitimate as Dean’s golf score card.(Yes, the dude fucking cheats at golf.)


Look at how the team has been run since they fired the guy who turned it around for them(Marty Schottenheimer)… right in to the ground!  You expect these same people to be able to build a stadium?  Alex Spanos has dementia and he is the one who bought the Chargers with his fortune… Not Dean(Tommy Boy) or John(Can’t sign Bosa) Spanos!  If you want to blame his playoff losses on him vs. a kicker that AJ Smith drafted and single handedly cost us 3 playoff games; then you don’t know football… just like the Spanos family.  Marty took this POS franchise at the time and built an annual contender… The Spanos family fired him after a 14-2 season but they maintain the course on 7-9 coaches. WHAT THE FUCK YOU DIPSHITS!?

LEAVE SPANOS! WE DARE YOU! WE FUCKING DOUBLE DARE YOU! You will fail miserably in LA like you’ve failed at evrything else and will come crawling back to San Diego like you failed in Carson.  At that point you’ll take an El Cajon location and praise the fans for allowing the team back.(No offense El Cajon)

The 99 Year Lease: The NFL may not exist in 99 years once the public really starts to understand head trauma and how it kills 12 youth football players annually.   San Diegans are not stupid and soccer is the #1 sport in the world so why would we want to bend over backward to build a facility for a sport that won’t exist in 25 years let alone 99. Mark our words.


While most of the media down here stumps for a new stadium blindly with no background in financing, common sense, or details; good radio hosts/journalists like @DSmithShow @ScottandBR @Hardwina @KevinAcee are telling it like it is… The Spanos Family couldn’t have handled this worse, the NFL is flat out stupid for snubbing San Diegans like it has, and they will fall on their face in LA.  I have been wondering what they will do if/when the Bolts leave; I wonder if they do.

NOTE: We asked XTRA 1360’s Human Encyclopedia aka “Lego Hair” to name one good thing the Spanos family has done in the past 25 years and his answer was, “LaDainian Tomlinson”!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME STEVE HARTMAN? LT is your answer? The Spanos family had nothing to do with getting him here.  That was not their decision to draft him and then they played hardball with his contract.  When a decision on LT had to be made; it was because they allowed their dumbass monkey boy, AJ Smith to insult LT in the paper rather than sign him.  Dean had to come out and apologize for that shit.  That’s all you got Steve? Man, go back to LA because you don’t know shit about this town’s feelings anymore or relevant Chargers history to be commenting on this situation.  Seriously.


Or maybe it is because the NFL is a Billionaire’s club that should pay for their own shit and American’s are hip to this in 2016?

By all means leave the best Super Bowl City in America #NFL and lose an entire reegion of fans!  TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU!  We told you to get the fuck out or do it the San Diego way.  Clue in or fuck off because we are America’s Finest City and we don’t fucking need you!


Bosa Holdout is Finally Over!


That had to have been one of the worst Chargers’ moves ever!  They opened negotiations at 60% and then dragged their feet to come correct.  They just came off looking petty and cheap in a year where they need an enormous amount of good will to convince 2/3 of San Diego voters to approve a ballot initiative that will increase taxes on hotel rooms by a measly 4%.  You might think taxing out-of-towners would be a no-brainer, but not in this city.  You’d be hard pressed to get a 2/3 vote on approving breathable air or drinkable water in this town.

Well, at least we signed our 1st Rounder in the 3rd overall pick of the NFL’s 2016 draft.  Let’s hope the Chargers picked right and this kid can play at the NFL level.  He seems serious and I’m a firm believer in the 3rd times a charm.  We’re about 2 weeks away from the first game so let’s hope that’s enough time to get up to speed and out on the field.


BREAKING NEWS: Chargers hire Facebook Spammers to Sway Opinions on Bosa!

The Chargers have apparently determined that it is cheaper to pay their employees to post on Facebook and hire Facebook spammers to sway public opinion in their favor than it is to just pay Bosa what he deserves based on his NFL draft slot.  The Chargers have stolen the playbook from SeaWorld

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.36.23 AM.png
This commenter is obviously paid by SeaWorld

with this bogus move of trying to influence public opinion through public commenting.

It is not hard to identify the spammers as they post ridiculously simple slogans such as, “The Chargers organization handled it like a champ. Glad to see that the organization made the effort to reach a middle ground.” – Jimmy King When you review this guy’s profile, it is full of sparsely populated BS to make it seem real but obviously lacks legitimate personal info like 100’s of others we’ve looked at.  You can also tell because these people have no Chargers fan info before this year and live in other parts of the world.  They post stupid, nonsensical BS, that is about how great the Chargers are and pledge dysfunctional loyalty to an ownership group that San Diegans despise with a renewed passion since they tried to steal our team and take it to LA.

They are also having their employees post on Facebook as well, posing as fans!  This is CRAZY!  I assume this post about “class acts” was meant to be an insult to Bosa and the shitty news the Chargers are generating for themselves.  This fuckin’ guy works for the Charger Zone!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.25.17 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.22.33 AM

What the hell are The Chargers thinking!?  This is fucking embarrassing.  The Chargers have stolen the playbook from SeaWorld with this bogus move of trying to influence public opinion through public commenting.  It is sad and embarrassing.  You can either believe the shill posts on Facebook or go to real sports sites like PFT and read what REAL NFL FANS think of the Chargers!



The Chargers are Cheap… Period.

Dean Clown car


THE CHARGERS OFFERED 60 FUCKING PERCENT OF HIS VALUE AS THE OPENING OFFER!  Now John Spanos wants to put it on the 3rd Overall Pick because they initially offered a shitty deal that no Round 1 pick would have accepted? “I’m blown away,” Spanos said. “At all costs I wanted to avoid going down this road. They made it overly clear we had no other option. . . . It’s absolutely asinine. He would have gotten more cash in this calendar year than anyone except Carson Wentz.”

Really John?  “At all costs” you “wanted to avoid going down this road”?  Why would you open with a shitty lowball offer?

And now, you’ve fucked any goodwill for a new stadium that this pick might have generated.  You have alienated a potential pro-bowler who will most likely never re-sign with San Diego because of Chargers ownership.  The odds of us picking in the Top 10 next year are decent and now there is a an actual stigma in regard to Top NFL picks signing with the Chargers.  I think it is a foregone conclusion that we will see future top picks decline to be drafted by the Chargers just Eli Manning did.

San Diego has hated Eli Manning a long time because of that stunt but San Diego should redirect that ire towards ownership since the Mannings obviously knew more than we did.  Eli has 2 rings and the Chargers still have none… as in ZERO CHAMPIONSHIPS.  The Chargers are not a winning organization and cannot point to any team policies as winning ways since they have nothing to show for it.  Maybe they should sign their top players like other organizations do?

BREAKING: Spanos Can’t Afford Bosa, Spent His Bonus on Carson Stadium Site

Occam’s Razor is a line of reasoning that says the simplest answer is often correct.


“I’ll tell you what (they) paid for the land, it was $20 million,” Roggin said on the Scott and BR show. “The (Carson) mayor told me that. $20 million for 11 acres.” – Link

Say what you want but it is the only logical conclusion with league precedent set with all draft picks for 2016!  The 4th, 5th, 6th, AND 7th pick of the draft all receive way more than 50 percent of their bonus upfront. And every single 3rd overall pick since the CBA setting rookie contracts, has received EITHER 100 percent of the bonus upfront or, most of their bonus upfront and the off set language taken out.

The fact that the Chargers have lost this negotiation has not set in yet.  Perhaps the realization that an #NFL investigation in to the Chargers’ organizational finances will make them perk up a bit which is undoubtedly coming if this does not get resolved soon.  The NFL created new ownership rules for team owner’s families specifically because Bud Adams left the Titans to his family that is not suited to run an NFL franchise.  It is a high probability that the  NFL will conduct an investigation in to one of it’s 32 franchises if they are the only team since the creation of the new CBA to not get a deal done in a timely manner.

There is only one logical explanation…. The Spanos Family ownership cannot afford Joey Bosa.

The other logical explanation is that the Spanos family is not logical which would explain the 38 years of pain inflicted on me by this fucking family and their inexplicable fucking decisions from keeping AJ over Marty to signing Larry Fucking English!  Fuck you Spanos!




Spanos is Synonymous with #EPICFAIL

The fact that this unprecedented hold out in the new era of the renegotiated CBA is still going on is an absolute embarrassment to the #NFL(1) and the #Chargers(2).  This bullshit situation going on with Joey Bosa happens EVERY TIME when the Chargers have to deal with actual talent.  What’s worse is that Chargers’ fans are woefully misinformed about this and think Bosa is being unreasonable or greedy or a “Diva” which is just not the case.

Dean Spanos and clan spent $20,0000,000 on a toxic dump in Carson to try and rip our team away from us and now he won’t pay or can’t pay the #3 pick what he is due based on what lower picks have already received.  The Chargers have zero negotiating room and have lost in the media and the court of public opinion in a year when it has never been more critical as they want a new stadium built.

Dean Clown car

Bosa is arguing that he wants his bonus upfront rather that 60 percent now and 40 percent next year. The 4th, 5th, 6th, AND 7th pick of the draft all receive way more than 50 percent of their bonus upfront. And every single 3rd overall pick since the CBA setting rookie contracts, has received EITHER 100 percent of the bonus upfront or, most of their bonus upfront and the off set language taken out. What he is asking for is not outrageous by any means, it’s actually the standard. As far as saying he hasn’t played a down and he has to prove himself, he proved himself well enough in college to make it to 3rd overall pick by the Chargers, and 1st defensive pick of the draft, therefore he was worth the money in the GM’s mind. Management is just afraid to pick up the phone and discuss with Bosa and his agent because they think it looks weak.


Chargers are Dead-Ass Wrong in Bosa Impasse


The Bolts are giving themselves just enough rope to hang themselves and our stadium hopes.  The Chargers are fucking up their most important season ever and it hasn’t even begun! After 38 years in this city, I honestly wonder if the Chargers will ever do anything right or contend for another Super Bowl in my lifetime / in this city.  They were so bad last year, they got the #3 overall pick.  Awesome right? Not really… If you’re a true Bolts fan, then you knew this was coming.  They did it with Rivers last time they drafted in the top 5.  They did it with Tomlinson who missed most of his Rookie camp in 2001.  They suspended Antonio Gates for 1 game in 2005 where we lost that home opener by 4 in a home game the Chargers were favored to win and ended up missing the playoffs by 1 game that year.  They did it to VJAX also which cost us the playoffs in 2011.


“On the surface, there’s little to discuss. Relying on team precedent, the Chargers remain dug in on the position that Bosa’s contract must include offset language and defer a major chunk of the signing bonus into 2017. Relying on precedent as to the top picks in the draft since 2012, Bosa’s camp wants either no offset language on the guarantee or full payment of the signing bonus in 2016.” – PFT 

So the Chargers have made this BFD(Big Fucking Deal) over the offset language bullshit but Bosa has been willing to accept that IF the Chargers pay the kid all of the money he’s due instead of breaking it up in two payments separated by 9 months.  This has got to be the worst fucking decision the Chargers have made since announcing their alliance with the Raiders to move out of America’s Finest City.

SPANOS FAMILY – WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?  Figure it the fuck out!  Stop putting on your “Bad Idea Pants” everyday and pay the kid like every other NFL team has done already you dumbasses!  GAWD, you’re awful!

Can’t we all just get along!  Just pay the kid so he can play football and help this team you jerks!