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USC’s Star Recruit Breaks California Prep Scoring Record

Dillon Baxter, QB, RB, WR

This year has been one Trojans fans would like to quickly forget… Next year will not be and I have a feeling Dillon Baxter will be a large reason why.  “A strong candidate for national player of the year by several publications, Dillon Baxter had his hand in six touchdowns, including a 28-yard TD catch, two TD passes and three TD runs — a nifty hat track that gave him the state scoring record for combined passing and rushing with 438 points. He also broke the state record with 70 combined touchdowns.”

I started looking at next year’s recruits after the Trojans lost their 3rd game and was admiring the likes of our 5 Star Recruits, Kyle Prater and Robert Woods when I found about our local Dillon Baxter.  He is putting up numbers I never even imagined possible.  This guy puts up 500 yards of total offense like its another day at the park.

Check out his season averages with one game left to play!

  • RUSH TD’s/Game – 3.58
  • PASSING TD’s/Game – 2.08
  • RUSH YDS/Game – 215.8
  • PASS YDS/Game – 160.1
  • TOTAL TD’s/Game – 5.64
  • TOTAL YARDS/Game – 375.9


By the way, if this kid is not a 5 Star Recruit he should be!


USC Football and Fans Have a Bright Future!

If you’re worried about USC’s “off year”, it is understandable.  This is the first year in the Pete Carroll era where I don’t remember a plethora of ridiculous freak athletes with the ability to get the ball in to the end zone.  Damian Williams was hurt for several games, Stafon Johnson crushed his throat, and Joe McKnight was not as prolific as we are used to at USC.  Matt Barkley has his first year under his belt and now he needs some prolific weapons in order to live up to his hype.  You ask and you shall receive!

Take a look at the 2010 recruiting class… especially 5 Star Recruits,

Kyle Prater

and Robert Woods!

More Robert Woods photos in this piece by Dustin Snipes.

Trojans face their sixth ranked opponent this season!


Make no mistake about it… Jim Harbaugh is the real deal Holyfield when it comes to coaching.  After getting out of pro-coaching, Harbaugh became the head coach for our local USD Torreros and took them to two back-to-back Championships before becoming the Stanford head coach.


At the Pacific 10 Conference media day on July 26, 2007, Harbaugh praised the Trojans, stating “There is no question in my mind that USC is the best team in the country and may be the best team in the history of college football.” The declaration, especially in light of his earlier comment, garnered more media attention.[3][4] Later in the season, Stanford defeated #1 USC 24-23 with a touchdown in the final minute. With USC being the favorite by 41 points, it was statistically the greatest upset in college football history.


Today is Homecoming for the USC family.  In order to make it a happy one, the Trojans will have to take this game very seriously.  For the first time in years, the Trees are bowl illegible.  Stanford has beaten two ranked opponents already, Washington(24) and Oregon(7).  The Trojans(11) are the third ranked team Stanford will play this year, but the Trees(25) are the sixth ranked opponent the Trojans will face this year.  NO OTHER TEAM IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL HAS PLAYED SIX RANKED OPPONENTS!  That is a credit to the Pac-10 and USC.  Granted, The Torjans have lost two games this season… both to currently ranked teams.  The BCS computer can manipulate the standings for SEC teams and Big 12 teams all it wants, but in the end the Trojans will have faced the TOUGHEST COLLEGE SCHEDULE IN THE COUNTRY when all is said and done.

I dare you to take a look at the cream puff schedules Florida, Alabama, and Texas played.  There are teams I have never heard of like Louisiana-Monroe, Charleston Southern, FIU, Chattanooga, etc.,  yet the east coast biased media drools all over them even though they load their schedules with non-BCS teams that couldn’t beat USC’s practice squad.


Well, here’s to a USC victory in the Colosseum on Homecoming.  FIGHT ON!


3 Tennessee Players Arrested on Attempted Robbery Charges


Criminals are not the brightest bulbs on the tree.  That being said, you’d think if you robbed someone that you would take your football jersey off.  I’m sure the description of 3 huge scary men getting chauffeured southbound by a woman in a getaway Prius was a better description, but wearing your jersey during a crime spree is not the most intelligent idea.


Tennessee University football players (left to right) Janzen Jackson, Mike Edwards, and Nu’Keese Richardson were arrested Nov. 12 for attempted robbery.(Courtesy Photo/Tennessee University Athletics)

(November 12, 2009) – The Associated Press has reported that three University of Tennessee football team players were arrested on Nov. 12 in Knoxville on charges of attempted robbery.

According to AP, Tennessee safety Janzen Jackson, receiver Nu’Keese Richardson and cornerback Mike Edwards—each freshmen—were detained after an attempted robbery outside of a convenience store near the school’s campus.

ESPN reported that police say the victims of the attempted robbery were sitting in their car outside a Pilot convenience store, parked beside a Toyota Prius, when a Black male wearing a hooded sweatshirt approached their vehicle, flashing what appeared as a handgun.

Police reports say the hooded male opened the driver’s side door and told the victim, “Give me everything you have,” while another Black male also wearing a hooded sweatshirt approached the passenger door and demanded the same thing, ESPN reported.

But the victims opened their empty wallets, proving they had no money; police reports say a third Black male then said “we’ve got to go.” The three males then rushed to the Prius and drove away, according to ESPN.

Knoxville City Police say the players were pulled over in the Prius driven by a woman named Marie Montmarquet, who was also arrested. A powered pellet gun was found in the car, along with two hooded sweatshirts, a marijuana grinder and a bag of what appeared as marijuana; one of the players in the car was wearing his team jersey, AP reported.

Jackson’s attorney, Don Bosch, told a Knoxville news station that his client has been released on a bond and says he’s innocent.

“As of this afternoon his bond has been reduced from $15,000 to being released on his recognizance,” Bosch told WBIR-TV. “Mr. Jackson vehemently asserts his innocence. And we hope that this will become apparent in the next 24 to 48 hours.”

Edwards was also released on a $19,500 bond, while Richardson is still held on the same bond price, ESPN reported.

Tennessee Athletic Director Mike Hamilton released a prepared statement this evening.

“At this time we are currently evaluating the circumstances surrounding an incident involving Mike Edwards, Janzen Jackson and Nu’Keese Richardson,” Hamilton stated. “Any decisions or comments regarding their status will not be made until the evaluations are complete.”

Courtesy of


Victim says, “No harm, no foul.”


The PAC 10 is The Best College Football Conference


Chip Kelly was on XX1090 today and was very candid about the quality of the Pac 10 conference in relation to the rest of the country.  Coach Kelly also discussed reinstating LaGarrette Blount and other Oregon football aspects.

“I’ll put our conference up against anybody.  We were 5-0 in bowl games last year.  We went 20-9 this year out of conference.  I think it just lends ”  Listen to the entire interview!