To Be or Not to Be in San Diego



I can assure you that if the Chargers relocate to Los Angeles, they will be dead to me and the only team I will care about in the fall and winter will be my fantasy team.  Let’s be honest… the only reason San Diegans root for the Bolts and the Padres is because they are our hometown teams.  It’s not like they have ever been really good consistently and the few times they tried to go the distance, you knew they would vomit all over themselves… aka lose in horribly embarrassing fashion.  It’s not San Diego’s fault as most people that live here aren’t from here and they have no interest in supporting mediocrity.  Can you blame them?  They probably grew up somewhere on the east coast where the weather is horrible but their team was decent… maybe even good enough to win a championship once.  There are no modern championships in San Diego for professional sports and most people didn’t relocate here for the sports teams… they are here for the beach and weather.  So when you ask them to vote on building a stadium, they have no interest and can you blame them?

I won’t blame them for not supporting my Chargers and Padres, but if you’re going to live in this city and bitch about the costs of a new stadium then you should probably understand how revitalization projects like Horton Plaza and PetCo Park have helped transform San Diego in to America’s Finest City.

•San Diego’s redevelopment agency estimates there is $3 billion of construction underway or on the drawing board downtown, including $1.4 billion near the ballpark.

Mission Valley makes perfect sense from an Urban Planning & Development standpoint as the I-8 corridor cannot currently handle the capacity that travels through there daily and will certainly not be able to handle the new community development project with more than 500 units under construction adjacent to the 805 and Friars Road.  At this point, Mission Valley is going to need a major overhaul of side streets, on ramps, off ramps, etc. to handle a moderately growing San Diego.

For those of you who don’t understand why the stadium will not work Downtown with the Convention Center, let me brake it down in laymen’s terms.  The convention center is an honor student planning out their future years in advance and doing years of homework prior to the current year while the NFL is the stoner student who can barely put a schedule out before the season starts scrambling to finish the assignment before the due date.  So why would the Convention Center break away from a successful business model with events planned out for years in advance; want to deal with the headache of the NFL’s schedule which only comes out a couple of months before the season.  That makes no sense to the Convention Center people and they’ve done just fine with ComiCon etc., they just don’t need it and don’t want it.  That’s fine by me because Mission Valley needs more help than downtown from an Urban Planner’s perspective.

Get it done in Mission Valley Chargers because if you leave San Diego, you’re dead to us and having lived in LA for 10 years, I can assure you that you’ll be dead up there too when the buzz wears off… and if you continue to be what you have been over the past 37+ years while I’ve been alive, LA will reject you because they only want Champions up there. “It is what it is.”


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