Bill Cowher to Chargers Rumors!

Please, for the love of everything holy… Let this be true!

Is this a face the Chargers need or what?  I feel like every Bolt fan in San Diego has had this look on their face for the past 5 years when the season came to an end.

Courtesy of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette —

“Good morning,

All (good) stuff today:

Have picked up two strong, separate rumors, one on the West Coast and the other on the East Coast that Bill Cowher could be the next coach of the San Diego Chargers. It has everything he wants: A team with talent, a quality quarterback and an owner who will allow him to bring in his own management people. A bonus: His eldest daughter, now married, lives in Los Angeles. Of course, San Diego GM A.J. Smith will have to go and someone Cowher knows would take over that job. Cowher loved quarterback Philip Rivers before the 2004 draft and there the Steelers might have drafted him instead of Ben Roethlisberer if he were not picked before them.”

10 thoughts on “Bill Cowher to Chargers Rumors!”

  1. Why would AJ have to go? AJ would have to be told to “agree with Cowher” and AJ, Cowher and Dean would have to agree on the future. AJ could be put in a “lame duck” situation and ultimately neutered.

    Also, why, exactly, would it be assumed that Cowher would not agree with AJ and his methods? AJ is a GM, cowher is a HC…. If the promise by the organization was that AJ would be gone when his contract expires in 2013, this could make sense. AND, the organization has shown that they want a very long term solution….. We can only hope…

    1. AJ would have to go because of how he did Marty. Marty was Bill’s mentor and its pretty well known he is not to fond of AJ. Additionally, AJ has sucked royally in his 06, 07, 08, 09, 10 drafts! That’s why he has to go! We could have Troy Polamalu and Clay Matthews on our team! Numerous others. This notion that AJ is a genius and no one else can do as well is just unfounded… he had one good draft b/c Manning wouldn’t come here(Spanos/Smith) and got some playes that we’re good for a while… and Rivers… like I said, Good for a while.

  2. It would not matter. The Chargers will never see a championship under Cowher. Historically speaking, Championship coaches who coached for a different team NEVER made it back on the SuperBowl stage.

    1. Boo hoo, let’s just give up then! Give me a break Jaycee, this is not a main stream media regurgitator! Dick Vermeil did it! Nick Saban did it at the college level! Besides… wouldn’t you rather watch a football team with Steelers roots than a football team with Buffalo Bills(AJ) and Norv Turner roots? C’MON MAN!

  3. I think its funny that now that the truth of what kind of a team that the San Diego Chargers have become under Norv Turner, and truth be told it isn’t all of Norm’s responsibility that the Chargers’ players have played with the mentality that they are better than god as a football team have proven that they have always been pretenders and that not contenders, that they need the leadership of Bill Cowher. I am a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan ever since the age of 7. The last time the Steelers came to Qualcomm Stadium to play there was nothing but rudeness coming from the fans of the San Diego Chargers toward the fans of Pittsburgh, toward the Players and Coaches of Pittsburgh. today at the office all I heard were the talk of the Chargers wanting Bill Cowher to replace Norv Turner. In the same replies they made comments, when I mentioned that Bill Cowher remained in Pittsburgh for 14 years not because of the fact that he was and is a successful Head Coach but because the Rooney’s were loyal to Cowher. The Chargers would be a better organization if they were to move to a location like Los Angeles or Los Vegas to a place where they would be appreciated by fans that are not fair weathered

  4. SamuelSteelersFan hahahah this is rich coming from a Steelers fan. I do admire that team, but the fans are known to be some of the worst in the NFL. Those in glass houses…

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