Padres 2011 – Pre-Mid-Summer Review

To Trade or Not to Trade... That is the Question!

I’ve been to 3 games at Petco Park and they’ve lost all 3.  I’m sure many other fans have similar stories at this point in the season unfortunately.  The Padres are not competitive in their home ballpark for whatever reason and the season is two weeks from being over for San Diegans and Padres alike.

There is no point in keeping Bell when Mike Adams is arguably as good and we can’t even get a lead for Heath to close out.  This Padres offense is beyond horrific and I’ve seen some pathetic offenses here in San Diego.  Only the Padres can bring up a red-hot top prospect and have him slump immediately.  It’s unfortunate, but I am not surprised in the least.  Hopefully Rizzo hits his way out of it sooner than later.  The Padres should help him though!  Trade Heath for a legitimate bat with speed, power, and the ability to play defense… preferably a Short Stop or Second Baseman since we seem to have a plethora of platoons of outfielders which brings me to another point.  Are we building for the future or trying to win this year?

If we’re trying to win, Denorfia needs to be in the lineup everyday since he’s our best hitter.  Fuck this platoon shit!  If we’re building, get our kids in there and stop messing with them.  Baseball is about ebbs and flows, consistency and rhythm, and playing everyday in order to attain the precious feeling of being in-tune with the game.  The Padres are like crazy fantasy managers.  They try and try to put the best match-ups on the field and end up getting squat because players don’t just produce based on a match-up, they produce based on confidence, what they did the day before, how they’re feeling today, etc.  I don’t know what the secret is, but I played better when I played everyday and I’ve never heard any baseball player say otherwise…. so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

In conclusion, we should deal some players for some up-and-comers.  Hell package a 2 for 1 and get us a legitimate bat with some base swiping speed.  We might even be able to get Pujols on a discount now!  😉


Rizzo at Petco!

Anthony Rizzo finally got called up to the Padres!  Rizzo went 1-2 with a triple, 2 walks, and 1 K.  That’s a pretty good debut and could’ve been better if the fence was 5 feet closer.  Anthony was swingin’ for the fences on his first swing which he admitted… I like the confidence!

The Padres are playing well right now and are just 6 games under .500!  If the Padres can continue this brand of decent baseball and get a good contribution from Rizzo, the season could be far from over.  The Pads definitely have the pitching to hang around, but the bats have to stay warm.  Maybe they should talk to JoBu and get Hats for Bats… or just get him a refill!