2 Liuget to Quit

#18 Overall Pick - Corey Liuget

All month long we heard about JJ Watt and Cameron Jordan.  While this could be another case of passing on Troy Polamalu or Clay Matthews, I am going to look at it a bit differently.  I am looking at Corey like a potential Ndamukong Suh.  Hear me out.  Suh dominated his senior year and almost became the #1 overall pick.  Corey was progressing in a very similar fashion and was setting himself up to repeat that performance in my opinion.  Corey decided to come out after his Junior year and was not even supposed to be available for the Chargers at 18.  Since he was, the Bolts took him.  I didn’t know who he was, but he’s only 2 inches shorter than Suh and plays a similar brand of football; stop the run and get after the QB(w/ an occasional elbow to the helmet).

2 Liuget looks like the exact type of player we need.  I’m excited to see what he can do and what he can become.  He’s built like a brick shit-house and looks like he likes to hit.

As for the other picks… I like them a lot.  That RB from UConn was one of their best RB’s ever.  The CB, Gilchrist is a strong mo-fo and Jonas Mouton is interesting.  It’s nice that we got an SDSU player(WR Vincent Brown) who could be a big pick-up for us.

Who knows… We shall see!  Let’s hope English and the Canadian guy can play this year.

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