New Faces… Same Story

You may not recognize their face or their names, but you are probably familiar with the story, “The Padres can’t hit.”  We brought in faster guys that fit the ball park a lot better, but they still can’t hit.  I guess “it’s still early” but hitting below the Mendoza line(.200) is not a good thing and and we have several guys doing that a month in.  I think it has something to do with San Diego, but that’s my own curse theory.  I remember back when the Goatee Bros., Klesko & Nevin complained that they couldn’t pick up the ball very well there, but I haven’t heard the newer generations say that; and both Giles and Loretta ripped at Petco.  If you think about, Kahlil was better than these guys and he’s available.  I’m not trying to harp on these guys, I’m just stating the obvious.  I think its kind of weird that a lot of players can’t hit in San Diego.  Who knows what the deal is, but we do know these guys aren’t hitting and we too often load the bases with no outs or one out and don’t score runs.  C’mon Padres!  Let’s step it up a notch in May!

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