Dec. 1 Rumor of Chargers Leaving is Bullshit!

Hello San Diegans!  I hope you had a nice Thanks giving.  Not sure if you heard the HUGE RUMOR about the Bolts selling 35%-36% of the team to some guy named Philip Anschutz, but I would venture out and say you heard it from XX1090.  They had Mike Allen of The San Diego Business Journal on the Scott & BR show and interviewed him as if he broke the story this morning.  He basically re-blogged some story from some blog which he didn’t even cite… probably because it was an on-air statement from a radio show host in Canada.  Hence this more accurate “report” from a reliable source.  It was ridiculous because Mike Florio told Scott & BR it was a rumor 30 minutes before, yet Scott chose to ignore that and call it a “report” anyway… He almost says this verbatim in Mike Allen’s introduction.  Scott put Magic Johnson’s comments on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show together with this bogus report out of Canada that Mike Allen re-blogged and 1090 ran with it all day.  It was nice to hear a voice of reason from Sam Farmer on Darren Smith’s show later pointing out that this notion of the chargers moving to LA anytime soon is flat out ridiculous.  Why?  Here’s the Synopsis of why the Bolts will not move soon.

  1. 3/4 of the league owners must approve the move
  2. $25,000,000
  3. 3 Teams(Including the LA Chargers) left Los Angeles because it didn’t work
  4. The Collective Bargaining Agreement must be completed first
  5. It helps to have a new stadium to relocate to if you are moving
  6. PS.  The Colosseum is not a good answer… I watch my Trojans there and its a piece of Shit

So… basically to wrap this up.  Mike Allen got some radio time because he re-blogged a rumor that Scott Kaplan was intent on spreading because Scott thought it went well with the Magic comments on TV last night.  Jesus Christ these people are stretching it down here.  I guess radio is slow now that the Chargers are doing well?

What a piece of shit story!

BTW – I bet some heads are going to roll on this shit somewhere because Mike Florio and Adam Schefter are supposed to get all of the inside information.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this radio dude got his legs broken.  😉 JK

3 thoughts on “Dec. 1 Rumor of Chargers Leaving is Bullshit!”

  1. I don’t care anymore!!!!!!!! Let the Bastards move if they want to. I’m sick of hearing about this BS year after year. San Diego will go on fine without them. LA survived after they lost the Raiders. Our city is too F***ing broke to be wasting money on building any new statiums for a bunch of whinning babies. Grow up people! AND YES – I AM A DEVOTED BOLTS FAN. And I will continue to be one where ever they end up playing.

  2. I second Mike’s comment. Because, if it’s the same William Rickman I know… He’s not worth listening or responding to. He’s nothing but an over-opinionated, obnoxious, rude, ignorant, blow hard that has deluded himself in believing that the world is interested in what he has to say. When in reality, no one cares and the world would be a better place if he would keep his big mouth shut. The William Rickman I know think’s he knows EVERYTHING. He likes to yell, scream, and throw tantrums. However, when push comes to shove, he’s nothing but a mouthy coward that stands for nothing of importance. So, even better yet, maybe San Diego would be better off Mr. Rickman would leave. I’m certain no one in San Diego would shed a tear over it.

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