Randy Moss Makes Sense in San Diego

I have heard numerous experts talk about why Randy Moss would not be a good fit in San Diego and I think they are wrong.  Several years ago, the Bolts were banged up at receiver and needed help.  AJ Smith brought in Tampa Bay wide receiver Keenan McCardell who was considered problematic and was holding out on the 2004 season.  The Chargers brought him in and he began producing immediately and was happy here for several years before he retired.

Fast forward to 2010.  The Chargers are severely depleted at WR and both #1 wideouts(Jackson & Floyd) will probably be out until week 11 after the bye.  Antonio Gates is a warrior and is playing, but hurting badly.  Philip Rivers is the best deep ball hurler in the NFL and I have no doubt that Randy would love to run deep routes and get involved with the #1 passing offense in the league.  Norv Turner has worked with Michael Irvin and would undoubtedly come up with some amazing Moss schemes to improve upon the offense.  SD fans may hate Norv, but apparently the players love him… this seems like a stark contrast to Chilly in Minnesota and could be a very good fit for the disgruntled wideout.

Our #84 is out on IR for the second time in four years.  His jersey is available and would fit Moss well here in San Diego.  Yeah, AJ is a fearsome GM, but he also likes football players and according to former and current teammates, that is exactly what he is.  AJ has shown that he is willing to make similar moves, so why all of the national negativity about Randy Moss coming to SD?

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