Chrgers’ Onwership & Management is GARBAGE!

If you missed the game against the Rams, you are lucky.  The Chargers failed to make the trip to St. Louis and the coaching staff further proved their incompetence.  The Chargers came out and dominated the run early, yet after their first 1st down of the game, the Bolts decided to take the Rock out of Mathews hand and let Rivers get sacked 7 times while trying to throw to 2nd stringers because our primary receiving core is not getting paid or became injured in the first half.

“There are three keys that go into a championship. You have to be good, you have to be lucky and you have to be injury-free. We have a very good team.” – AJ Smith

According to that formula, the Chargers are 0-3

“It hurts,” Smith said. “It hurts when you don’t have your players. How are you going to win a championship without your left tackle and your wideout? I’m sick about it. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how anybody could be more upset about this than me.” – AJ Smith

Trust me, San Diego natives are more upset than you are AJ.  We would have payed both of our players without thinking twice!  You take our money and we expect you to spend it on our team, not tell our players that you’re going to piss on their heads and then try to call it rain.

The Chargers are 2-4 because of coaching and management.  We have a puppet head coach and a GM who thinks he’s bigger than the team and the city of San Diego.  It is utterly disgusting!

Good Luck with that Stadium!

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