Shawne Merriman, VJAX, and McNeill

Alright, we’re back from hiatus and want to cover a couple of things.  What’s up with Shawne “Lights Out” Merriman?  At this point we wonder if the guy even runs around his block in the off-season.  Who shows up for 3 days of practice and then can’t even make the opener 3 weeks later?  I mean this guy resembles the weakling on your JV football team that came up with a new injury everyday until the coaches just gave up and expected him to be hanging out by the Gatorade cooler.  It’s curious though… does he know he has a lot to prove?  At this rate, he’s looking to lock down a league minimum contract on Tampa Bay next year.  Steroids kids….. stay away because they make your balls shrink and break down your body.

VJAX… Where do we begin?  IDIOT…. actually this is his pedigree – “Jackson played football at Widefield High, where he earned a 4.3 GPA and graduated fourth in his class of almost 400. Widefield primarily ran the ball; as a result, no major schools recruited Jackson for football. He was interested in Columbia University and the Colorado School of Mines, mostly for academic reasons, before the University of Northern Colorado began recruiting him.” – ESPN

Academics huh?  Obviously, Accounting and Current Events were not emphasized topics.  Hey Vincent, you can’t ask for mega bucks when you have 2 DUI’s, get arrested hours before the AFC Divisional Championship for “loud music”, and kick a penalty flag in that same playoff game!  It shows that you’re an idiot for lack of a better word that isn’t a curse word.

Additionally, did you really think you could mess with AJ Smith?  If Antonio Gates couldn’t, neither can you!  You barely know the rules for playing the game and you think you can spar with AJ at the negotiating table?  VJAX and his agents probably had no clue about the additional 3 game suspension that he would get for not being signed on time.  Whatever.  This guy maybe a star in our system, but it remains to be seen if he can succeed elsewhere.  We may get the chance though if the Special Master rules in VJ’s favor at a hearing on the 16th.

If only Marcus had just come to camp, he’d probably be the highest paid Left Tackle in the NFL.  No way of knowing now.  I guess we will wait and see now.  A little advice to agents working with AJ Smith… Don’t advise your clients to sit out on AJ Smith!

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