Kevin Acee is Full of Crap!

QUOTE “Chargers’ night out not cause of off day

Fans’ anger, Internet, radio fueling nonstory


Friday, January 22, 2010 at 12:01 a.m.

SAN DIEGO – This has gotten out of hand, and so I am writing about it.

I can hardly believe this has become the issue it has.

There may well be some leadership and accountability voids on the Chargers. But those voids have to do with facing up to a few guys playing dumb and a few playing soft.

That void may well also have to do with occasional off-the-field misconduct or irresponsibility.

But this? This is a nonstory that has gotten feet because of the Internet, talk radio and fans who are angry about an inexplicable loss.”  UNQUOTE  Read Entire Crap Article

This story was written in the wake of the Chargers’ inexplicable loss to the JETS last Sunday after reports surfaced that multiple Chargers were at Pure Platinum until the wee hours of Saturday morning before Sunday’s playoff game.  They downed multiple bottles of Grey Goose and had a great time.  Good for them, bad for SD and the rest of the Chargers!

The Chargers played like SHIT against the JETS and all of San Diego is sickened by the way they played… this “non-story” is actually a HUGE story because it is a microcosm of the Chargers’ failures over the past few years.  It is an utter lack of discipline and maturity.  Kevin Acee has lost all of his credibility with this article if he had any to begin with in this town.  He is known as the Chargers/AJ Smith apologist and has gone way to far out on this limb.  Sorry Kevin, but you are way off base on this!

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