I wish I were surprised.

Unfortunately I am not.  Let’s be honest… as soon as Kaeding missed that first field goal, all of SD knew the game was over in the JETS favor.  If you didn’t, you’re not from SD and I envy you.  We are the fifth losingest city of all time and it gives me no joy to write that.  It just pisses me off that we are HORRIBLE coming out of byes in the playoffs and that we continually beat ourselves.  The JETS had no business winning tonight but our All-Pro kicker missed two gimmes.  I hate to say it, but this kid is done in San Diego and if he doesn’t get cut by the Chargers, I will be surprised.  Accurate during the regular season means shit, this guy does not hit clutch shots… EVER!  The kick against Cinci was big but not really that important.  It’s just a shame because he tries hard and is pretty good as far as kickers go.  I just don’t see anyone bouncing back from the HUGE misses he has racked up for the Chargers!

Keys to our defeat:

1.  2 Missed Field Goals

2. That stupid fucking headbutt!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!????

3. Kicking the Challenge Flag?!  What the hell are you guys thinking?

I really thought all of this was behind us.   I couldn’t help but laugh in disgust throughout the game as the Chargers imploded.  What a total and utter collapse!  I hope next year Norv doesn’t allow the Chargers to hear or read any press during the playoffs.  That was just a complete meltdown and the atmosphere was too big for the Chargers once again.

One thought on “I wish I were surprised.”

  1. I’ve noticed a big change in the comments format for the UT lately. I don’t see any way for myself to leave a comment, a reply or even say I like a comment. I’m logged into Discus, but it doesn’t seem to matter. How did you leave a comment?

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