No offense NY, but The JETS are ONE and DONE!

I’m hearing a lot of talk coming from the East Coast and “sports experts” about the J E T S – JETS.  It’s just annoying at this point.  The Chargers have won 11 straight and have more offensive weapons than every team in the NFL…. Yes, even more than New Orleans and they beat the JETS 24-10 with their foot off the gas in the 4th quarter.  To be perfectly honest, I like Rex Ryan and the JETS… just not this week.  Regardless of the fact that they will not be able to cover all of our guys on offense or run the ball against Blue Thunder, this is the Divisional Round of the playoffs and our Chargers are battle tested and seasoned.  Say what you want, but the playoffs are different and the pressure goes up a notch every round.  I think the Chargers are ready to take advantage of that experience this year.  Hence the ONE AND DONE!

The Chargers have gotten 0 respect all season long.  Even when LT passed Jim Brown’s career rushing mark against the Browns, the National Media only gave LT a 2 second scoring clip… with 0 coverage of the game other than the box score.  It doesn’t surprise me at all during the regular season, but San Diego finished 13-3 with the only active double digit win streak and now all we’re hearing about is the JETS.  ARE YOU FUCKING JOKING!!??  The Bengals are horrible and the JETS would not even be in the tournament if the Colts or Bengals took their games against them seriously… The Bengals are probably regretting their half-assed game week 17.  I digress… I was congratulating the JETS for beating an average team in the first round of the playoffs.  Nicely done NY… err NJ!  The East Coast controls the main stream media and we out here on the west coast have to listen to them dribble over themselves anytime they have a somewhat decent team.  I am pretty sure the Eagles and Giants were the favorites to go to the Super Bowl this year according to most pundits.  The entire NFC LEast was the division to beat.  I realize the JETS are not in the NFC LEast, but they get the benefit of the same crappy bias that pollutes American sports coverage.  Did I mention we swept the NFC LEast?… even the Cowboys, which is the new “hottest” team in the NFC.  I swear, these pundits need to grow a pair and stop flip flopping every week.  Anyway, here’s to a national wake-up call on Sunday at 1:40PM!  Enjoy your shit burger NY!  ONE AND DONE!

Chargers 42-17

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