Manning’s 4th MVP is Good for The Bolts!

The '08 MVP after his 2nd consecutive playoff loss to the Bolts

I like Peyton Manning and love the way he plays the game, but we all know he did not deserve the ’09 MVP… especially since he started off ’09 by losing to P-Riv and the Bolts.  That being said, this is good for San Diego and the Chargers considering this is one part of the playoff formula.  Assuming the Colts win their first game in the playoffs, which might not happen considering they just absolutely suck in the post-season, we will get the opportunity to showcase the REAL MVP on prime time and bounce Indy and their annoying fans once again.  It will be great and everyone will write about how Manning cannot be considered for this award anymore until he gets past his new nemesis… aka the team that shall not be named on national television… aka YOUR SAN DIEGO SUPER CHARGERS!

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