Pac 10 teams play in toughest college division.

Say what you want, but when it comes down to brass tax, the Pac 10 is the toughest division in college football.  Unlike the other divisions, Pac 10 teams have to play every team in their conference.  The Pac 10 is tied for the most ranked opponents in any division, but there is one major difference.  Pac 10 teams have to battle each other and play every team in the division.  The other top ranked teams in the country did not have to play every team in their division.  Instead Texas got to cherry pick garbage teams like Louisiana-Monroe(5-4), Wyoming(4-5), UTEP(3-6), and Florida got to play FIU(2-7) and Charleston Southern(4-5) which is in something called “champion subdivision”… this basically means they are not a BCS team.

Pacific-10 Conf All
Oregon (14) 5-1 7-2
Arizona (18) 4-1 6-2
Stanford (25) 5-2 6-3
USC (11) 4-2 7-2


There is a glaring east coast bias in this country because no one on the east coast can stay up to see how good the Pac 10 really is.  ESPN is based out of Bristol, Connecticut and you’re kidding yourself if you think they are going to give the West side its due recognition.  The Pac 10 gets no respect and you can say there are just as many ranked teams in the Big-10, but one thing is for certain and that is the glaring fact that they don’t all play each other because of their schedule cherry picking.

Any unbiased person would make the argument that every division should play all of its division opponents.  This would make every division more competitive and it would make it tougher for teams like Texas, Florida, Alabama, Ohio State, and Oklahoma to get recognition and rankings they just don’t deserve.  This would go a long way toward making the BCS more competitive, fun, and unbiased.

Or they could just implement a playoff system and get rid of this argument all together!

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