It’s About Time!


Malcom Floyd is starting against the G-Men for his second start of the year.  It’s about time we give this kid more opportunities! Floyd is a beast at 6’5, 220lbs and the dude has hands.  Defenses will be hard pressed to stop our ginormous receivers and the New York Giants get the first crack at trying to stop these two for an entire sixty minutes.  Chambers was crafty  but Malcom is just too good to keep off the field to try and work in an inconsistent veteran any longer.   We’re just curious why it took so long to make this move.  I’m sure salary had something to do with it as it always does.  I for one am pretty excited to see what the offense is going to do now with two 6’5 Receivers and a Tight End at 6’4… With that in mind, lets hope our Chargers come out in NJ and play the game we know they are capable of playing.  “We need to execute like we’re supposed to execute.”

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