A-GON is GONE in Regards to All-Star Votes!


Adrian Gonzalez is hands down the BEST first baseman in ALL of baseball, but is no where to be found in all star voting polls.  I am from San Diego and I realize he plays for the “AAA Padres” and no one pays attention to them except San Diegans, but this is getting ridiculous!  A-GON leads the majors with 22 HR’s and he plays in the most cavernous ball park in Major League Baseball!  Did I mention he won the Gold Glove last year?

Carlos Delgado is out for the season because of hip surgery and he is 5th in NL 1B balloting!  That is a complete JOKE!  It is not Carlos’ fault, its ESPN’s fault in my opinion.

As the only sports network in the country, which dictates how Americans think about sports, I place the blame squarely on their shoulders.  They continue to drool over AROD who is an admitted steroid user and a terrible sport, who is arguably one of the WORST role models in the country for our children.  They keep reporting on Brett Favre playing with high schoolers as if anyone cares outside of Minnesota.  And they love to create and perpetuate drama as seen with the latest LeBron refusing to talk to the media BS.  HEY ESPN, WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR FABRICATED NEWS AGENDAS, JUST KEEP US UPDATED ON CURRENT SPORTS EVENTS!!!!

If ESPN would just report the news instead of creating it, we would undoubtedly have a more balanced All Star ballot.  Unfortunately, ESPN is driven by ratings and San Diego is not going to give them much, so why hype the best 1B in baseball?  For some reason Kahlil Greene is a bigger story out of baseball for the Cardinals than A-GON is as the best 1B in baseball for the Padres.  Hmmmm!

Oh well.  If you are from SD, this is familiar territory for you and should not be upsetting, just laughable.  Especially since home field advantage for the world series is decided by the All Star Game.  HA!

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