The Chargers’ 2009 Draft Picks


In typical AJ Smith fashion, The San Diego Chargers went off the reservation during the 2009 NFL Draft and shored up our defense.  While I had no clue who more than half of these guys were, I really like them a lot and I see immediate help on the way.


Picture 3


#1: Larry “BAD” English – “I’d like to let you guys know that you are getting someone who cares about football, has a true passion for the game, has a passion for pass rushin’(Big Smile), and I’m eager to learn and improve every day.” Click Here for Larry English Presser


#2:  Louis “Nasty” Vasquez – Just an all around bad ass pass blocker / run paver extraordinaire



#3: Vaughn “Vicious” Martin – This dude has TONS of potential.  Not only is this guy a massive DE/NT type guy, but he has the athleticism to play running back!  Peace Out Igor, we just upgraded from Russian to Canadian!


#4 Tyronne Green – I do not really know anything about Tyronne, except that he is a mammoth offensive guard from Auburn and they love to run.  I also think there is a lot of upside in taking linemen in the 3rd – 5th rounds as many of these linemen end up in future pro-bowls.  Here is a highlight reel even though it is a bit tough to identify which behemoth he is.

#5: Gartrell Johnson – 40 time be damned!  Gartrell Johnson reminds me a LOT of Marian Barber and I like his upside better than Hester already!  Also… its about time we got a dude with dreads in San Diego!  Update – He was released and picked up by the Giants off of waivers… NOT SMART!


#6: Brandon Hughes – Too small and not fast enough is all anyone says about Mr. Hughes.  However, this guy is a freaking ball hawk and was coached by former Chargers’ head coach, Mike Riley at Oregon State.  Oh yeah, USC lost to one team in 2008… the Oregon State Beavers.


#7: Kevin Ellison – Can you say “Bring The Lumber”?  This strong safety has one knock against him and that is his reconstructed knee.  If it holds up, which I think it will… this is a GREAT pic.  Kevin Ellison brings the house of pain and adds great depth to our secondary which was sorely needed.  And we finally have a Trojan on this team… hopefully we will draft more in the future starting with Taylor Mays next year… If we can get him!


#8: Demetrius Byrd – This receiver was projected as a middle round receiver until he got in to a car accident a week before the draft.  AJ like this kids college career and his highlight real is impressive.  Unfortunately he is an LSU receiver and our LSU players have not shown us much… even our 1st round LSU receiver, Buster “The Bust” Davis.  Hopefully, Demetrius will work hard and redeem his alma mater in the eyes of San Diegans.

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