Opening Day 2009


I ended up going downtown to see the festivities yesterday and it was a fun scene.  Unfortunately, I’m talking about the opening day scene and not the Padres game.  The Padres have cut their payroll by more than thirty million dollars and I just don’t feel like spending my hard earned cash on a product that continually looks the same(shitty) and produces the exact same results(shitty losses).

Yesterday’s game could’ve been any game from 2008.  The Pads managed to get the bases loaded and proceeded to leave those runners stranded inn all too familiar fashion.  Kouzmanoff has grounded in to more inning ending plays than I care to recount and last night was just another example for my mind to catalogue.

Oh well, it is what it is.  The Padres 2009!  Enjoy!

At least the weather was picture perfect and it feel like summer is here already!

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